Accident in Ludwigsburg: car sunk in Neckar, driver († 27) saves passenger (30) and drowns

Ludwigsburg – Shortly before the rescue workers lifted the Mercedes out of the water, they took out the driver’s body …

Horror accident on the country road!

The driver (27) and his co-driver (30) were on the road in a Mercedes GLC 300 at around 0.30 a.m. on the 1100 road between Neckargröningen and Remseck-Hochberg (Baden-Württemberg).

At the level of the Neckar Bridge, the car flew out of the right-hand bend, “probably due to improper speed,” according to the police. He ran over the guardrail and raced down a ten-meter drop.

This is where divers look for the Mercedes driver. Unfortunately, any help came too late for him

Photo: SDMG

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The fire brigade, DLRG and police were in action with a large number on the river

Photo: Adomat

The car landed on the roof – and sank in the Neckar.

Tragic: the driver was able to help his passenger to get out of the vehicle. But he himself couldn’t get out of the Mercedes and drowned.

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The fire brigade, DLRG and police were in action with a large number

Photo: Adomat

Four fire brigades were in action with a total of 75 emergency services, 19 vehicles and two boats, the DLRG with 25 emergency services, the ambulance service with ten emergency services, the Kornwestheim police station with four patrol car crews and the Ludwigsburg traffic police department with two patrol car crews.

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The car was secured by the fire brigade after it was recovered

Photo: SDMG

The Mercedes had to be lifted out of the water by a fire brigade crane.

The 30-year-old came to the hospital in an ambulance for further treatment. Her condition is stable.


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