Accident in Canada: Man (22) is torn into a wood chipper – dead!

Toronto – Tragedy in Canada!

A tree surgeon (22) fell into a wood chipper in Oshawa (60 kilometers from Toronto) and died in front of his colleague. The accident happened in a suburb on Wednesday, according to the Toronto Sun, local residents also had to witness the tragedy.

The dead man is Daniel Vanheyst. His company shared photos of him at work on Facebook and publicly mourned. He and his colleagues from “Eco Tree Care” were commissioned with the work earlier in the week, as the city administration announced.

Vanheyst worked at Eco Tree Care, a company specializing in tree carePhoto: Facebook/Eco Tree Care

Meanwhile, it became known that a local resident recorded the accident – unsuspectingly he made a video when the men were about to remove a tree from a road and shred it. He told the newspaper: “I saw his feet take off. It happened so fast. I dropped the phone and ran straight away.”

The other employee immediately tried to switch off the machine, rescue workers rushed to the spot immediately – but for the young man any help came too late.

His colleagues shared pictures showing Vanheyst at work

His colleagues shared pictures showing Vanheyst at workPhoto: Facebook/Eco Tree Care

Mike Saulnier from Oshawa City Council: “It’s very difficult to deal with. Our deepest sympathy goes to the family.”

After the accident, Vanheyst’s stunned colleagues came to the scene of the accident, hugged and comforted each other.

They also shared a post on Facebook mourning the loss of their colleague: “Dan was the most personable and caring person. He always had a smile on his face.”

The cause of the accident is still unclear, the police secured the eyewitness video.


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