Accident horror in Mexico: tractor truck with migrants overturns – 53 dead!

Mexico – It’s a horrific sight. After a truck accident, helpers carry the dead to a collection point on the asphalt and put them in body bags. Residents follow the gruesome scene behind a flutter tape.

The victims: illegal migrants from Central America on their way to a better life. You were on board the tug truck! According to the Attorney General’s office, at least 53 people were killed and dozen more injured.

The terrible accident took place on Thursday in the southern Mexican town of Chiapa de Corzo. Eyewitnesses told a TV station that the driver raced. In a curve he lost control of the allegedly overloaded vehicle. The truck hit a pedestrian bridge with its human “cargo”.

Police officers and rescue workers carry an injured person away from the scene of the accidentPhoto: Str / dpa

According to US media, survivors of the accident are said to have come from Guatemala. They would have paid up to $ 3,500 for the passage. From Mexico it should go to the USA …

How many migrants were injured is uncertain. Some are said to have hobbled away from the scene of the accident for fear of arrest.

Hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants try to get to the rich north every year. The majority come from Mexico or from one of the Central American countries Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Poverty, violence and corruption prevail there, as well as the consequences of droughts and natural disasters.


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