Accident: Erik (10) fell five meters into the elevator shaft

Little Erik F. (10) really had a guardian angel! The boy fell five meters down an elevator shaft and escaped almost unharmed with a few scratches.

Last week he went shopping with his father in Stockholm. While the father wanted to stroll a little further, the boy preferred to go home. The family lives on the fifth floor. On the ground floor he pressed the button.

“Then I sat on the stairs and waited for the elevator to come. After a while I thought he should be here now. I went and opened the door.” He went in – and fell fifteen feet. The boy hadn’t seen that there wasn’t an elevator in front of him, just an empty hole.

The elevator is now closedPhoto: imago images/TT

Erik desperately screamed for help. “There was only concrete down there.” Neighbors heard him, comforted him and called the emergency services. The fire department brought him upstairs. In the hospital, the ten-year-old had several stitches on his forehead. His father Martin F. proud: “He was so brave. He was calmer than us parents and also than all the neighbors.”

Local residents had reported an elevator malfunction shortly before the accident. It is not clear why the door opened anyway. Police technicians are now examining the elevator. Since the turn of the year, there have been ten error messages with this lift.


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