Accident: car driver (19) races in the front yard – seriously injured!

A picture of devastation!

Scheyern (Upper Bavaria) – A completely demolished BMW stands in the front yard of a house in Scheyern, Upper Bavaria. The fence is destroyed, several trees are damaged – the driver (19) and front passenger (19) are seriously injured.

Helmut Reith, who owns the property, says: “Shortly before two o’clock I hear a very dull thud. I woke up, woke up and saw this car in my garden. Broken garden fence, big shock, run out into the garden. Fortunately, the driver and front passenger were approachable. “

Through the garden fence: The BMW shot through the wooden fence, came to a stop in the front yard

Photo: vifogra

According to initial findings, the driver must have been driving from Schrobenhausen in the direction of Pfaffenhofen when he lost control of his car. In a slight curve, the car shoots off the road, breaks through a fence, and hits the trees in the front yard.

The force of the impact is so great that the engine block is torn out and remains around 50 to 100 meters away.

Teaser picture

The BMW is completely destroyed, the engine block is found around 50 to 100 meters away

Photo: vifogra

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When the rescue workers arrive at around 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning, the passenger is lying in the garden. The driver cannot save himself due to his serious injuries – the fire brigade frees the man from his car.

The Pfaffenhofen police assume that the driver was traveling at excessive speed.


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