Abuse Study: Aachen’s Bishop This wants funds for the victims

Aachen – As a consequence of the report published last week on sexual abuse in the diocese, the Aachen Bishop Helmut This (58) announced the formation of an advisory board for those affected. He also wants to set up a fund to finance therapies for victims.

The fund should not be filled from church taxes. “We want to provide funds by doing without,” he announced. He called on victims who are not yet known to the diocese to come forward.

The bishop continues: “The church must not feel closer to priests than to the victims.”

Last week the diocese published a report by the Munich chancellery “Westpfahl Spilker Wastl”, which sees joint responsibility with the former Aachen bishop Heinrich Mussinghoff and the former vicar general Manfred von Holtum.

The law firm had also prepared a report for the Archdiocese of Cologne. At the end of October, however, the archbishopric decided not to publish them. Various lawyers had found serious shortcomings in the study. The law firm rejected this.


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