Absurd, meditative, political… The cinema releases of June 15

Incredible but true **

by Quentin Dupieux

French film, 1 h 14

Master of the burlesque and the strange, the director of the films The deer and At office ! signs a new fable where realism, bizarre and a sharp look at our society go hand in hand.

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My love **

by David Teboul

French film, 2 h 52

An exercise in meditative autofiction, as beautiful as it is shameless, David Teboul’s film takes us to the icy shores of Lake Baikal to question his own love story with a man who has been missing for fifteen years.

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Boom Boom **

by Laurie Lassalle

French documentary, 1h50

Months after the breathlessness of the yellow vests movement, a young filmmaker awakens our gaze with this documentary that ties political and romantic commitments without exhibitionism.

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Sweatshirt *

by Magnus von Horn

Polish film, 1 h 47

Swedish director who lives in Poland, Magnus von Horn stages a fitness star and influencer who becomes aware of the emptiness of her life in a film whose ultra-contemporary subject ends up tipping over into a somewhat sluggish plot.

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