Absolutely avoid mistakes when you go back to school

The new school year can be stressful for kids and parents alike. Therefore, parents need to know how to control emotions and avoid making mistakes so that their children can study confidently.

Be emotional

Many children who go to school for the first time or return to school after a summer vacation often cry, refuse to go to class, do not want to be away from their parents. However, not only children, many parents also do not want to leave their children, crying when they see their children in tears.

The first thing you need to do is manage stress and anxiety because your child will recognize this feeling and react in a similar way. In addition, if you watch until your baby stops crying, it will be useless, because it will only make him more afraid. Parents just need to say “goodbye”, get back to the car and hide the tears.

The best strategy is to visit the school before school starts so that your child can get used to the new environment.

Doesn’t help kids with homework or time management

Teaching your child to be independent is important, but it will take some time and effort until that happens.

At first, children need to be guided to learn how to manage time and do homework. If they have a test next week, they may not know they need to prepare now. As a parent, you should teach your child not to let “water reach his feet to jump”.

Even high school students may still need supervision and help at the beginning of the school year. More than anyone, carrying a heavy workload will make children feel overwhelmed. You are not a professional teacher, but you can suggest and guide your child to do homework.

Even suggestions on how to manage time and set priorities will help.

Parents should not show emotions and worries when sending their children to school. Illustration: Brightside

I think you are as worried as I am

Parents have the same worries, even more than their children, when it’s time to go to school. The mistake they often make is passing their worries on to their children without realizing the harm it causes.

It’s good for children to understand things, but it’s not good to worry. If you find it overwhelming when your child returns to school, seek advice from a psychologist. They will help you manage your anxiety so it doesn’t pass on to your child.

Buy things your kids don’t need

Parents often think they know what their children need to go to school. But in reality, many things annoy a child, because they have to carry loads unnecessarily.

If your child isn’t sure what they need, you can call the school or teacher to ask. Also, remember flashy, trendy pieces aren’t always the best choice. Choose something easy to use and durable.

Cramming the schedule

The mistake of parents is thinking that the more activities their children have, the more skills they will be equipped with. So they crammed the weekdays with a lot of exhausting activities for kids. Indeed, it is very beneficial for children to participate in activities they love, but it should not take up all of their free time.

Children’s rest is also important. Children may have more energy than adults, but they also need time to sit in their rooms and play games they enjoy. The best solution is to ask your child what he or she likes and create a similar schedule throughout the school year.

Slander the teacher in front of your child

Teachers and parents do not always agree. This can be frustrating for you. However, the worst thing a parent can do is badmouth the teacher in front of their children.

Children should be able to form their own views of people and not need others to tell them how they feel. If the child is influenced by the parents’ opinion, it can create tension in the classroom, negatively affecting the child’s learning.

Studies since 1995 have shown that teachers who have a good relationship with parents put more effort into the child’s education and vice versa. It doesn’t matter if your child has different feelings. Importantly, you should build a good relationship with the teacher to benefit your child mentally.

Missed the first lessons

In the early lessons, there is not much important knowledge, but children should be attended. That’s when new rules, expectations, and relationships between children and teachers are formed. It’s best to let all of the kids get to know each other, rather than your child coming in later, becoming a newcomer, being introduced to an entire class that already knows each other.

In addition, the teacher’s job will be more difficult when it comes to making sure your child doesn’t get lost. Children make friends so quickly that even if your child misses school for a week, many of his friends may already be close friends.

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