A8: Horror crash – the car of a family with three children overturns

The rain was doomed for a family in Baden-Württemberg.

A family of five – including three children – was injured in a traffic accident on the A8 on a wet road.

The 44-year-old woman was seriously injured in the accident near Jettingen-Scheppach (Günzburg district) on Sunday. That is what the police said.

The vehicle skidded in heavy rain, then came off the road, rolled over several times and remained on the roof.

A police patrol happened to be nearby. The officers immediately rushed to the scene of the accident. They pulled the 51-year-old driver out of the car, and the children aged seven, ten and twelve were able to free themselves.

The passenger, however, was trapped with her arms under the vehicle. She received first aid from the police. Only then could she be released by the fire brigade.

Some of the family was taken to hospital by rescue helicopter.

The weather remains extreme Heavy thunderstorms and heavy rain continue to rage

Source: Wetter.net



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