A57 near Neuss: 1000 chickens slide on the motorway embankment

Neuss – Numerous chickens lie dead on the roadside, others run around frightened and have to be caught.

The emergency services at the Neuss-West motorway junction were presented with a sad picture on Tuesday. In a bend, an animal transporter loaded with broilers had lost a large part of its load.

The transporter had live chickens on board. Many of them perishedPhoto: Alexander Forstreuter / dpa

Around 1000 of the animals, which were housed in four large containers with numerous transport boxes, had slipped sideways from the loading area of ​​the truck into the embankment for an unexplained cause, said the police in Düsseldorf.

Employees from the veterinary office were also on site. What would happen to the animals that were still alive was initially unclear.

According to a police spokesman, the truck with the broilers was on its way from France to Poland.

The right lane of the feeder from the A 46 to the A 57 in the direction of Krefeld was temporarily closed.


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