A1: Truck loses beer load, motorists clear the motorway

As is well known, broken pieces are supposed to break luck …

A truck driver lost large parts of his alcoholic load on the A1 near Delmenhorst on Monday evening – the destroyed barley juice freight then lined the asphalt of the motorway. The result: a temporary full closure.

The truck had loaded crates of beer that broke through the side wall of the vehicle and spread on the road, the police said. Countless bottles were broken, causing traffic to come to a standstill.

After all: some crates survived the broken beer and could be secured on the roadside.

Some crates of beer survived the cargo crashPhoto: Thomas Lindemann / dpa

Great and impressive: drivers standing in a traffic jam got out of their vehicles and then helped clear the road again.

After a lane was open again, the motorway maintenance department and the towing service took over the cleaning work at the Stuhr motorway triangle. The A1 in the direction of Bremen was closed until about 1:40 a.m. on Tuesday morning due to the clean-up work.

The still intact beer crates had to be loaded onto a second truck. Proceedings were initiated against the 28-year-old truck driver for inadequate load securing.


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