A wind farm floating off Belle-Ile: government green light for the project

The government has given its approval to the project to set up a floating wind farm in the south of Brittany, west of Belle-Île, according to a decision published in the Official Journal.

“The competitive tendering procedure launched in 2021 for the award of a floating offshore wind project with a power of around 250 megawatts, off southern Brittany is being continued”, can we read in this decision signed by Barbara Pompili, Minister of Ecological Transition and published on Friday.

“A second competitive tendering procedure is intended to be launched later for a second floating offshore wind project with a maximum power of around 500 megawatts (…). “

A public debate on the subject made it possible to distribute the information package to 110,000 households and the organization of twenty meetings, with nearly 1,800 participants, according to the decision signed by the Minister who considers that the public debate “Has achieved its objective of informing and mobilizing citizens’ voices”.

Should we develop wind power at sea?

According to the document, the selected area is located to the south of the island of Groix and to the west of Belle-île.

“The area of ​​this 130 km2 zone will be gradually reduced during the competitive tendering process, taking into account the results of the technical and environmental studies that will be carried out there by the State and RTE (Electricity transmission network) and the continuation of consultation with users of the sea, in particular fishing professionals (…) “, according to the same document.

This project responds “The dual objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and diversifying the French electricity mix to make it more resilient, thus contributing to the French energy transition and the achievement of carbon neutrality objectives”, can we read in the decision.

The Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) has published on its website a call for applications from companies open until July 1.

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