A ‘stormy night’ of a family with small children in isolation

HanoiAt 9:30 p.m. on January 30, Ms. Tran Thi Nga slumped when she received the news that a student in the same class as her 9-year-old son had Covid-19.

After two short days, the most unexpected thing happened. Her son, 35 students and the teacher of grade 3E at Xuan Phuong Primary School (Nam Tu Liem) will have to go to isolation.

From Friday night, the 37-year-old woman received a notice from the school that there was a 3E student whose father was F1. The couple immediately sat with their children to “search memory” to see if their children had close contact with you or not. “This friend just moved back so I haven’t played close. She sits at another row of tables,” said Tin – her son. Their facial muscles relax.

On Saturday morning, Ms. Nga learned that F1 parents were positive. Her daughter from F3 became F2.

“I can’t do anything, my eyes can’t leave the phone,” said the woman. Parents’ chat group immediately “boiled”, but soon everyone encouraged each other to unite. No one wants to leave their children in these days before Tet, but everyone determined that if they go to isolation, they still have the homeroom teacher and other teachers of the school staying with their children, so they should help.

Nga and her husband also “work in ideological work” with Tin Previous. “My husband talked about the danger of the virus to the community and told the child if quarantined he would accompany the teacher and friends. If possible, he would go to Tet with him,” she said. The 9-year-old boy seemed to understand the story, laughed happily as usual.

That evening, Mr. Huynh Anh, her husband cook dinner, and she cleans the house. No one told anyone, but both husband and wife switch their phones to “ring” mode. Upon seeing the announcement, both of them rushed to pick up the phone. At 9:30 p.m., they received word that their friend was positive for nCoV.

Ms. Nga sat down, her hands and feet were stained, tears welled up. The calls of relatives constantly rushing to buy things for the baby. At this time, the mother cannot think much. I just remember my child likes rice cakes and pastries, so I called the supermarket to deliver them. On the other end of the line, she picked up the phone, but she could only say sentences.

The father called me out to prepare things to “enter the camp”. “I will go on quarantine with my classmates and teachers for 21 days. Remember to follow the instructions of her and the aunts at school. Everyday, parents will call me”, Huynh Anh instructed. boy.

Hearing having to go to isolation in the night, Tin climbed into bed and cried. Parents advise it not to hold back. “I’m so scared”, the boy put his head on his mother’s lap, making Nga choke out of words.

22h30, the principal announced, a parent can stay with their children at the quarantine. The couple looked at each other sighed. Ms. Nga wiped her tears, sat up and went to arrange clothes for her husband. Cu Tin also stopped crying. More than 23:00, she saw her husband and son to the door.

The mother sighed with her three-year-old son and watched the caravan rushing into the night. This spring, for the first time after 10 years of marriage, her family had to celebrate Tet in two places, only 4 km apart. “The past year was full of upheavals, but it was not equal to the storms of the night that I knew I had to be isolated,” said Nga.

At 23h30 on January 30, parents and students of grade 3E at Xuan Phuong Primary School set up tables and chairs into four “beds” for rest and activities. Image: Characters provided.

Not only Ms. Nga, more than 70 other parents in class 3E are “hot like a fire”. On January 31, in the heavy afternoon rain, Ngo Van Duc, in a raincoat, rushed to school because his wife was in the isolation ward to send a story to his daughter. Last night went quickly, they could not remember much.

Arriving at the school gate, he sent his supplies through the soldiers on the outside of the railing, then he leaned forward to look inside but was disappointed that he couldn’t see the girl. “Unexpectedly after a text message in the middle of the night, wife and children were brought together in the quarantine area,” the 38-year-old sighed.

His wife and children left home at midnight, Duc also stayed up until morning. He plans to bring some things, using an excuse to see his wife and children from afar. But in the quarantine area, the furniture moved to have to be sent outside. No one can meet relatives. Opening the bag, Mr. Duc tally, in addition to the storybook, a few foods she likes and some clothes, and a small piece of paper: “Fighting on your wife and daughter”.

Parent supplies for their children are on quarantine at the school gate.  Photo: Hai Hien.

Parents provide supplies for their children in isolation at the gate of Xuan Phuong Primary School on the afternoon of January 31. Image: Hai Hien.

“It’s okay, I’ll go with you,” said Van Nhi, the class representative of class 3E, comforting her by phone while her parents were packing her daughter into the isolation ward. Contrary to the little girl’s calm, the mother was still trembling after reading the announcement message.

Before receiving the news, Nguyen Van Vinh and his wife, 38 years old, asked acquaintances to buy fruit, milk and food to prepare for isolation at home. Unexpectedly, Mr. Bay had to pack it for his wife and daughter Van Nhi to bring to school.

At 2 pm on January 31, Vinh’s daughter and her mother and friends took turns to take samples for testing. After settling in, the medical staff and teachers came to each of you to encourage and guide the children. Each room has four students and their parents, divided into four corners. They used a table to make beds, blankets and blankets are available. Being familiar at boarding, the activities at school do not surprise the children. My best friend crying with Van Nhi now laughs at her on the screen of her phone.

The next morning, Mr. Bay called his wife and daughter, heard the loudspeaker broadcast to announce everyone sitting 2m apart. Like in other cases, the mother of her daughter Nhi was given her own thermometer. Every few hours, she actively picked up the phone, then announced the results to the person in charge of the room. Spent a turbulent night, but the spirit and condition of the children in Van Nhi’s room are all good.

“Today medical staff and staff have to take a lot of samples, so the children eat temporary bread. Parents bring a lot of fruit and fruit so there is no problem”, Mr. Bay shared.

Baby Van Nhi, daughter of Mr. Bay at the quarantine point of the school.  Photo: Nguyen Van Vinh.

Baby Van Nhi, daughter of Mr. Bay at the quarantine point of the school. Image: Nguyen Van Vinh.

At 10 p.m. on January 31, Mr. Bay, Ms. Nga, Mr. Duc and more than 70 other parents in class 3E received a message from Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet Lan, the principal of Xuan Phuong Primary School announcing all 116 samples. Testing of students, teachers, and parents in grade 3E was negative. All broke.

“The message in the group so far is still ting ting. Everyone sighs in relief. Her mother and daughter must be happy, not sleeping yet,” said Bay at midnight.

Parents in class 3E are calling for support of comics and books for parents and children to turn isolated days into a rewarding time. “Normally you will be able to play together, but now you cannot gather, sit in one place will definitely be very sad. It is not good to show many phones,” Ms. Nga wrote on Facebook.

The parents of class 3E discuss each other, and then go home, stories and books will be sent to students in other quarantine or children in disadvantaged areas.

Some parents and student names have been changed

Pham Nga – Hai Hien


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