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The baby bathroom, low and dark ceilings have been renovated to make them spacious, comfortable …, this is a gift from Tra My (HCMC) for her couple.

Pham Tra My’s family has three sisters. Married, the daughters still live with their mothers, in a four-storey house (one ground floor, one mezzanine and two floors) in Tan Binh district, HCMC.

In addition to the small family of Mrs. Tra My, the house is about to welcome the second sister’s family to return home from a master’s degree in fashion design in Milan, Italy. The couple is given a private space on the second floor by her family, formerly an office and a bedroom, separated from the large living room by the staircase. Covid-19 interrupted the girl’s education. However, this delay is an opportunity for Tra My to have enough time to prepare a special wedding gift for her – a modern and comfortable bathroom to meet the needs of a young couple. . His father died early, being the oldest sister, My sister always took the responsibility of herself with her mother to take care of the children.

My sister is excited about the newly renovated bath launcher. Image: Hoang Anh.

The bathrooms in Mrs. My’s house, after many years of use, have deteriorated, the space is moldy, the floor is slippery, the bathing and washing are difficult, especially in the mornings, people rush to prepare for school and work. . Especially, the bathroom on the second floor is a little bit inconvenient because the ceiling is low and dark, every time my mother goes there, the whole family is a little worried that she slips. Although she has long wanted to renovate because she knows the bathroom is an important space, affecting the psychology of family members, My sister has not had time to fix it because her work is too busy and her two children are young.

Accidentally known the program “Dream bathroom” do VnExpress and INAX (a brand specializing in bathroom equipment of LIXIL Japan) co-organized. She wrote a letter sharing the story of the bathroom of a family of 10 members.

The letter chosen by the organizers makes My “extremely happy because not everyone can give her a surprise wedding gift like this. She comes home from studying abroad, has a husband and a bathhouse. as in the dream at home, there is nothing like “, My said.

With the consultation and design of architect Duy Bui and construction equipment and personnel sponsored by INAX, after a week of construction, the bathroom on the second floor of My’s house has completely transformed.

This bathroom was originally a bathroom for guests, taking advantage of the space under the staircase, less than 2 square meters wide. Architect Duy Bui took an extra part of the area from the office, converted the doors, to turn it into a private bathroom in the bedroom of the newlywed couple.

The new bathroom is lit with lamps and glass tiles.  Photo: Hoang Anh.

The new bathroom is lit with lamps and glass tiles. Image: Hoang Anh.

Architect Duy Bui said that the bathroom in the past included a toilet, lavabo, and shower. Three supernormal abilities are gathered together in an area of ​​less than 2 m2, so when you shower or do anything you will get wet. After extensive renovation, the supernormal abilities were clearly separated. In addition to lamps, the architect also installed glass bricks to get light for the bathroom. The new bathroom is large enough to help My sister give her sister a washing machine. The washing machine placement area is designed to lift the floor above the common floor of the bathroom.

The architect said, if there is space conditions, should not design the toilet under the stairs. However, in Ho Chi Minh City in general and urban areas in Vietnam in particular, tube houses have a small area, so they must be utilized. The toilets under the stairs often serve only light and fast passengers. Because it is under the landing of the stairs, the toilet height is very low, so you must bend over. Therefore, when renovating into a bathroom for a family, he definitely had to open up the area.

The area with the lowest clear height in the bathroom is used for the washing machine.  Photo: Hoang Anh

The area with the lowest clear height in the bathroom is used for the washing machine. Image: Hoang Anh.

Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, sister-in-law of My sister, said this is a very meaningful gift. The bathroom furniture was very modern and it was a bathroom of his couple’s dream. “I never thought my bathroom could be this beautiful. I wanted to give this surprise to my wife, when she got here, we all lived together in this house, using this bathroom, okay?” most comfortable “.

He also said that the program “Dream bathroom” has many meanings, because today, not all families value and have a good idea for their bathroom, even though this is a very important space. important to everyone’s health.

A special sister's wedding gift for her sister

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