A simple way to save money with low income

You don’t have to have a super high salary to save money if you apply the following 8 ways.

Don’t give in to ads, stop mindless surfing

On average, we are bombarded with more than 4,000 ads per day. The growing presence of e-commerce makes it easier for marketers to reach potential targets.

It is easy to give in to enticing advertisements and images. So, before clicking order, ask yourself “Do I really need this. If I don’t see this ad, will I buy it?”.

If the answer is yes, implement the 72-hour rule, which means delaying the purchase of something for longer than 72 hours. After this period, if you still want to buy, it means you have a real need. Usually, most people have enough reasons not to buy it or simply forget about it after 72 hours.

Always have a shopping list

Making a shopping list before you buy helps you know exactly what to buy. On the contrary, if you don’t have a list, it’s easy to buy impulsively or make unplanned purchases

Cooking at home

If you eat 5 meals a week out, spending an average of about 200,000 each time, you will spend 4 million VND a month, besides other meals.

Instead of eating out, invite your friends over to cook for you. Cooking at home isn’t necessarily cheaper, but you know exactly what to buy to prepare. In addition, if you spend some time cooking on the weekend, you can preserve or freeze food so that it can be processed quickly during the week.

Over time, as you get better at cooking, you can turn it into a hobby. Trying out new recipes and ingredients now is not only an obligation to save money, but a way to bring joy.

Don’t keep cash

Savings in a regular account will devalue the amount due to increasing inflation. This may be the right time to think about investing. Investing doesn’t always have to be risky.

Consider the safest and risk-free investment strategy to put your money in.

Room for rent

This gives you a passive income and contributes to your rent or mortgage payments.

Before signing with anyone, do a background check and ask for complete information. Remember this person will live in your home, so make sure it’s safe.

Sell ​​what you don’t need

If you rummage through your closet now, you’ll find at least 10 things ready to part with.

Currently, in Vietnam, there are a number of stores for consignment of second-hand clothes and accessories. You should deposit, who knows, things that are thought to be useless have value. By cleaning out your belongings, you will lead a simpler lifestyle.

Not only money, you also save time choosing furniture or realizing you don’t need a big house like now.

Unplug electrical appliances when not in use

According to the US Department of Energy, 5-10% of the electricity of US households is consumed by appliances that are plugged in 24 hours a day.

This is especially true of desktop computers and TVs. It’s uncomfortable, but get in the habit of unplugging these devices. In the long run, you can save some money.

Try to fix everything yourself

One way to save money is to learn how to repair things yourself, like your home appliances or motorbikes. One of the things that cost us a lot of money is the breakdown of furniture. Instead of calling a repair service, tinker with your devices.

In addition to saving money, you can also be proactive in situations where troubleshooting is needed.

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