A series of interesting challenges at the Ha Long children’s marathon

A uniquely designed running track and rich obstacles will stimulate children’s desire to exercise when participating in the Kun Marathon Ha Long on December 4.

Like the previous Kun Marathon, the upcoming event in Ha Long will be a campaign festival for the children. The special running track with 4 challenges designed inspired by the Gulf of Wonders brings excitement, following in the footsteps of young runners.

The first challenge is “Overcoming young and tall”. Children must use their strength to grasp the rope to climb to the top of the float and slide down. Here requires not only strength but also dexterity because the surface of the float is soft, slowing down movement. The float material also helps to ensure safety when the children lose their balance.

A series of interesting challenges at the Ha Long children's marathon - 1

The second challenge is to explore the cave. A long cave, inspired by Ha Long limestone mountains, creates a sense of mystery. The children have to overcome the obstacles by crawling, crawling through the cave.

A series of interesting challenges at the Ha Long children's marathon - 2

“Pedaling with the waves” with a large pool of balls will surely make many children excited. With strength and ingenuity, the children need to quickly overcome the inflatable pool containing many plastic bubbles.

A series of interesting challenges at the Ha Long children's marathon - 3

Finally, there is the challenge of ocean exploration with foam obstacles hanging on the net. “Aquarium” is decorated with coral reef-shaped sponges, with various drawings of sea animals to create interest for children.

On November 4, Ngoc Tho Street (Sun Square) will welcome 1,000 children from 6-10 years old to conquer Kun Marathon. The children will be divided into several runs according to age groups, ensuring safety and fairness.

Each child runner will receive a race kit including bib, shirt, hat and receive a medal and Finisher item at the end.

Kun Marathon is a small running race on the sidelines of VM Amazing Ha Long 2021. The large-scale sporting event in Ha Long attracts thousands of athletes registered to participate. All will conquer the most beautiful running track in Vietnam by the Bay of Wonders.

Register for free Kun Marathon Ha Long here.

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