“A restaurant is like a second home”: how Hippopotamus prepares its deconfinement

On Wednesday, Philippe Héry, Managing Director of Hippopotamus, will not reopen all of the brand’s 110 restaurants, but still nearly 80. Those with terraces. And it’s already a lot of work! Dry seals, water leak, clogged grease extraction turret … “A restaurant is like a second home that must be restarted for the summer months”, he sums up. And that’s without counting the discussions with travelers, who have settled in deserted parking lots on the outskirts of the city, and whose departure must be “accompanied” with the help of mayors and law enforcement officials. The relaunch, with meat suppliers, of the slaughter of animals so that the steaks arrive ripe to the point on the plates on May 19. And the remobilization of employees, 1,300 branches and 1,200 franchised restaurants, until now on short-time working and who must be trained by tutorials in the new menu and in cooking. “To the embers”, the brand’s new mantra.

But all this is incidental next to the good news that the CEO reserves for customers, and which he is already promoting on social networks: the opening of eight new addresses despite the crisis, the renovation of seven others, promotional offers which will be offered in the Steak House Club, a loyalty system ” playful “ of the brand. No more time to waste.

“We had a wonderful year 2019. In February 2020, just before

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