A mysterious guru and fascinated followers: how bitcoin became a religion

All that would be missing is a “resurrection”! A reappearance of the Messiah in which some, in the closed world of bitcoin, now ardently believe. What if Satoshi Nakamoto is back? He who created this “Net currency” in 2008 before suddenly disappearing three years later. He who would own nearly a million bitcoins, the total value of which now exceeds 50 billion euros. No one knows if Satoshi Nakamoto really existed, if this surname hides an individual or a collective, but his devotees have entered a trance following some recent signs. The first, noted last May: a transfer of 329,000 euros from a bitcoin account that has remained dormant since 2009 and attributed by some to Satoshi Nakamoto. Rebelote last February, when 4 million euros were transferred from another account, dormant this time since 2010.

These transactions have paid off big for their seller: a single bitcoin, which was worth only a few cents in 2010, is now breaking record after record – at 51,290 euros at the time of writing. An increase that has continued to grow since the arrival of the Covid. With the confinements, many individuals got caught up in the game of financial speculation, including by betting on bitcoin: 3% of French people have already invested in cryptocurrencies according to an Ifop survey, and even 6% of Americans. In the United States, bitcoin purchases coincided with the $ 1,200 check sent by Trump to his

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