A hypnosis session to sleep better with Benjamin Lubszynski

VIDEO – Benjamin Lubszynski helps us fall asleep more easily with his video hypnosis method.

Benjamin Lubszynski is what you might call a pioneer. Coach and therapist, he has been posting videos on his Youtube channel for 8 years. In these, he gives sessions of hypnosis, ASMR, meditations but also talks about psych problems and methods to fight against different phobias.

The man who divides his time between his consultations in Rouen and Paris has found his audience since they now have more than 95,000 subscribers. Every month, it publishes one or two videos and its content is watched over 300,000 times.

For Le Figaro, he offered us a hypnosis session as he does on his Youtube channel on the occasion of the 18th day of sleep. This day is being held today in France and its theme is the sleep of young people for whom the time spent on screens has greatly increased in recent years, to the detriment of their sleep.


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