A good year for many online hunters

Many people buy millions of goods delivered to their home and only pay 1,000 dong, buy iPhone 12 online for a few million dong cheaper at the store in 2020.

That is also the result that Ms. Oanh, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City obtained during the sale of goods on the Lazada e-commerce floor last year.

One year Covid-19 had to limit going out as well as going to the supermarket. Ms. Oanh turned to online shopping for necessities. Thanks to that, she knows the schedule of shopping festivals with “promotional rain” as well as mastered how to hunt for vouchers to get discounts when shopping on e-commerce floors.

Ms. Oanh reckons that she has saved tens of millions of dong by buying goods at discounted prices in online shopping festivals in 2020. Every week she buys a few orders every week, during shopping festivals she orders dozens of orders. . Ms. Oanh is also holding a long list of Tet waiting for “payment” during the shopping festival “New Year 21, Closing menu” from January 19 on Lazada.

Unable to remember all the items she bought in the past year, Oanh is still excited to show off two particularly impressive items, the Apple Watch Series 3 smart watch for her husband’s birthday, purchased in June 2020 during the holiday. “Brilliant Summer Sales” festival and the Telfa blender during the December 12, 2020 shopping festival are at Lazada.

The watch costs 4.3 million dong, she only has to pay 3.8 million dong thanks to hunting vouchers with a discount of 500,000 dong and free shipping. And the Telfa blender costs 1,033 million dong and the shipping fee of 25,000 dong, but thanks to the application of two voucher codes and free shipping codes with a total value of up to 1,057 million dong, payment via eM wallet, she only has to pay 1,000 copper.

Deep discount orders have been shared by many Lazada customers in the past year. Image: Hoang Anh

Increasingly love shopping online because he can buy goods wherever he is, in any time, Mr. Bao (Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh City) is satisfied because he does not waste time traveling between crowded Ho Chi Minh City. , just bought many cheap items.

On 12/12/2020, he bought the iPhone 12 VN / A on Lazada for 22,385 million VND while the price at the distribution systems of 64GB version was about 23.99 million VND. Receive an additional 3.2 million discount from the voucher, so he only has to pay 19,185 million VND to own the dream phone. Many friends of Mr. Bao are also waiting for the product and discount code to be released again during the upcoming Tet sale to “hunt” for a new phone for Tet.

For several years now, taking advantage of Lazada’s promotional festivals, Mr. Thanh (Hai Bai Trung, Hanoi) has purchased all items for his family, from foods such as milk, noodles, this year has more Fresh seafood to cosmetic goods such as laundry detergent, soap …

“My wife and I prepared a list of things to buy. These are all essential items for daily consumption, I buy cheap soup for my wife to use gradually,” Thanh said.

In addition, before each sale, he considers the needs of clothing, electronics, home appliances … if necessary, he will select a model to buy. Each occasion he buys no less than 10 orders, making the most of the discount coupons he can hunt. Each Lazada order can apply many discount vouchers at the same time, helping Thanh save a significant amount when shopping here.

One order can be used at the same time with discount Lazada voucher, free shipping voucher, voucher of vendor and voucher of bank or intermediary payment agent.

One order can be used at the same time with discount Lazada voucher, free shipping voucher, voucher of vendor and voucher of bank or intermediary payment agent. Image: NB

For many people who shop online, 2020 is a good year when the e-commerce floors continuously launched discount shopping programs to stimulate consumer demand. The Ministry of Industry and Trade has also launched programs such as “Online Friday 2020” and “60 hours of online shopping in Vietnam”, allowing sellers to offer more than 50% discount to stimulate shopping demand and further enhance the experience. online shopping for consumers.

Lazada alone has 6 major shopping festivals throughout the year, including a promotional week on Lazada’s birthday in March, the “brilliant summer sale” festival in June and shopping festivals on September 9. , 10/10, 11/11, 12/12. Each festival lasts several days, free shipping, deep discounts.

In addition, Lazada Vietnam also collaborates with brands from many industries to bring more than 20 Super Brand Festival to consumers. This is a 24-hour shopping event dedicated to a prominent brand on Lazada with exclusive offers for consumers. Lazada representative said that through these programs, millions of Lazada customers have bought quality products in many groups at much cheaper prices than usual.

The year 2020 will witness the rapid development of e-commerce in Vietnam. IPrice Group’s data shows that, for the first 6 months of the year, the average value of online orders in Vietnam reached 344,000 VND, an increase of 31% over the same period in 2019, with 262,000 VND. The number of people participating in online shopping and selling has increased rapidly.

For example, right at Lazada, in 2020, the number of sellers engaged in business on this e-commerce floor increased by nearly 2 times compared to 2019. In particular, with the rise of sales through livestream, the number of applications successful goods through LazLive – livestream channel on Lazada application, increased 45 times. Meanwhile, the year 2020 also records the trend of looking for genuine quality products of consumers when LazMall – Lazada’s genuine booth system, recorded an increase in the number of orders and more customers. 3 times in the shopping festival and more than 2 times during weekdays.

Preparing to welcome New Year’s Eve, Lazada will launch the shopping festival “Tet 21, Closing the menu”, from January 19 to 28. Lazada representative said that “New Year 21, Single closing” is part of the chain of Lazada promotion activities to bring joy, peace of mind to consumers, towards a smooth, lucky and successful New Year. public.

Many online shoppers have started hunting vouchers for the Tet shopping festival.  Photo: HK

Many online shoppers have started hunting vouchers for the Tet shopping festival. Image: HK

To purchase at a discount on this occasion, Consumers can collect Lazada discount codes at the tab “Coupon Code”, including: free shipping vouchers, vouchers from Lazada, vouchers from vendors, vouchers from bank partners, e-wallets.

Or you can hunt products in Lazada’s Flash Sale to buy goods with deep discounts from only 1 VND, 1,000 VND, 5,000 VND … or buy and collect vouchers in Lazada’s golden hours. Super Assembly plowing slash the price of one dong at 10h30-14h every day to hunt for great deal. Watch the Lazada Super Show concert to receive a rain of gifts and gift vouchers. List up from Tet products to add goods to the cart first, make a deposit in advance to buy a bargain price. Online payment helps take advantage of offers from partner Lazada. Download the app to get more exclusive deals. Search for super deals from big brands on LazMall. Visiting Lazada every day or doing some tasks and playing LazGame games, LazCoin also helps consumers to hunt for coins and exchange gifts, vouchers, and not to miss the incentives.

Hoang Anh

A good year for many online shoppers - 6

Lazada shopping festival “New Year 21, Closing single” takes place for 10 days from 19 – 28/1/2021 with a series of incentives:

+ More than 8 million offers on the whole floor, up to 50% ++ and tens of millions of discount codes
+ Free delivery for orders from 30,000 VND nationwide.
+ Lucky discount code worth 888,000 VND, buy 1 get 2 and unlimited freeship will be launched at 8:00 am and 8:00 pm daily.
Since January 15, customers have been able to collect millions of free shipping codes and discount codes on the Lazada website and app.


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