A fragile bikini beauty plays tennis, provoking thousands of fans

Friday, December 4, 2020 00:01 AM (GMT + 7)

(Sports news, tennis news) The 25-year-old Italian female tennis player shared pictures on her personal page, making fans “roll their eyes”.

Chiara Icardi, 25, is a former Italian tennis player. She has a beautiful body with a strange beautiful face. The beauty from Italy used to be an excellent young tennis player before coming to WTA, but due to an injury she gave up her racket career in 2014.

Chiara Icardi plays tennis in a bikini

When she was still playing, Icardi climbed to 1,030 on the WTA rankings, after being injured, she lost her form, so her position could no longer hold. Depressed, the beauty turned to the gym and this is the decision to help her become a model.

Possessing a toned and standard body, the 25-year-old girl received many invitations to model photos, along with advertising contracts with major brands. Can not play tennis professionally, but this 25-year-old girl still plays tennis amateur.

In her matches, Icardi does not dress like professional athletes, instead she regularly wears bikini. These “provocative” images help Icardi more and more fans follow on her personal page. Currently her Instagram has more than 30,000 followers.

A fragile bikini beauty plays tennis,

The 25-year-old girl is now just playing amateur tennis

A fragile bikini beauty plays tennis,

She has a hobby of wearing bikini and playing tennis

A fragile bikini beauty plays tennis,

A fragile bikini beauty plays tennis,

Daring outfits help her gain a lot of followers on her personal page

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