A curfew costs the State much less than a re-containment, explains Bruno Le Maire

Aid to compensate for the economic losses linked to curfews will cost one billion euros but a re-containment would have cost up to 20 times more, estimated this Friday, October 16, the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire.

“Everyone at home”: last evening before curfew, record number of cases

The cost of the economic support measures announced on Thursday amounted to “1 billion euros for the duration of the curfew”, Bruno Le Maire confirmed on BFMTV / RMC.

In comparison, “If we carried out a real re-containment in the areas where the virus is actively circulating – and only in these areas – the cost would be 5 billion euros”, according to the Minister Solidarity Fund, PGE … details of state aid to companies facing the curfew

Up to 20 billion euros per month

And “If we had a general reconfinement, the cost would be, depending on the reaction of the economic world, from 15 to 20 billion euros per month”, again calculated Bruno Le Maire.

Work, train, pet … the exceptions to the curfew announced by Castex

He added prefer “That we take strong, rapid, circumscribed, immediate measures and that we strongly support the sectors which are the most concerned rather than being in this situation of general reconfinement which would be unbearable psychologically, socially and for public finances”.

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