A case for BILD: Kiwi.com sent Andreas on a 6278 euro random flight

Munich – Andreas Görl (54) from Tiefenbach in Bavaria, heads a large dental laboratory in Zhuhai (city in China on the border with Hong Kong). There weren’t that many flights from Munich to Shanghai in August 2020. After several phone calls with Kiwi.com, he booked a flight from Munich via Helsinki (Finland), and then on to Shanghai. He pays 6278.78 euros. Only then is he informed that he can take 35 kilos of luggage with him twice as far as Helsinki. From Helsinki, however, you are only allowed to continue traveling with hand luggage.

It is the beginning of an expensive odyssey from Munich to Shanghai.

Andreas Görl: “What nonsense! Should I then leave my suitcase in Finland? I called Kiwi.com again – then I was rebooked to a flight via Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Taipei (Taiwan). A giant ride – the whole journey takes over 26 hours. And then you have to be quarantined for another 14 days after arriving in Shanghai. “

On the day of departure, the manager is punctually at the airport in Munich. The airport employee keeps entering his data into the computer.

Andreas Görl: “She looked at me and said she would not get clearance for my flight! I joked and said that I would stay here then. “

Then the Lufthansa station manager came to him at the gate and kindly took him aside.

Andreas Görl: “He told me that due to the pandemic it was currently not possible to fly to China via Taiwan. I am not allowed to fly because I am not allowed to get off in Taipei. Such are the regulations. “

He was just joking. Now it’s the bitter truth.

Andreas Görl: “I’m a travel professional, I usually only book myself. I knew it was going to be difficult at the moment, so I went to a travel agency. I just didn’t want any trouble entering the country. Then twice as nonsense booking! The first booking from halfway through the trip without luggage. And then a flight with which I am never allowed to enter China. That is impossible!”

Annoyed, while still at Munich Airport, he bought a new flight himself directly from Air China for 7,500 euros, with which he could fly to Shanghai on the same day, 12 hours later.

Andreas Görl: “I was really angry. This long journey of about 26 hours. Then you and your luggage are taken in large groups to the basement at Shanghai Airport. There is testing. Then the group is driven up again. Buses then wait there, which curve through Shanghai for another two hours until you arrive at the quarantine hotel. From there I was only able to fly back to Zhuhai after 14 days. That was another three hours of flight time. “

“Since then, for almost ten months, I have been arguing with Kiwi.com about the repayment of 6278.78 euros!”

The employees of the “BILD fights for you!” Editorial team try to reach Kiwi.com by phone. That’s impossible!

A voice computer keeps responding and only reacts to current booking numbers. Just once like that, asking a question from person to person – impossible! So BILD writes an email – which remains unanswered for a long time.

At the beginning of May, BILD reminds you of the mail from March. Kiwi.com responds immediately, apologizing, as the mail from BILD ended up in spam. That can happen.

A Kiwi.com spokesperson on BILD: “Given the pandemic that is affecting airline refund processing, we acknowledge that the refund process was particularly slow for Mr. Görl and we would like to apologize for it.” We will issue a full refund while tracking the airlines’ outstanding amounts. “

Andreas Görl: “Many thanks to BILD! I am very pleased! At the moment I cannot go to China because no work visas are issued there. So I’m drawn to Tampa, Florida. Then I’ll manage from there. Thank you very much for the effort! “

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