A 24-year-old boy builds a rose farm alone

Dong NaiPoor family, dropped out of school from grade 9 to work as a hired laborer, Ham Phu Floor does not think that someday I will become the owner of a rose garden of 2,000 m2 and have a stable income from this flower.

When the sun had just dawned, Tham Phu Floor wore a silver coat and a hat and walked out to the garden in front of the house. The boy born in 1996 put his hand in the rose bushes, pruned the dying flowers to produce new buds and cut a bunch of newly blooming flowers, still wet with night dew to bring them home.

“I don’t want to find peace at the end of my life. I’m still fulfilling that dream in my own land,” he texted.

The land of Phu mentioned about 2,000 m2, bought by himself two years ago, is located on a hill in Hung Thinh commune, Trang Bom district, where more than 2,000 infrared roots are planted. One year before the price rose, this man one day earned 20-30 million money from selling seedlings.

The Tham Phu floor currently owns a land area of ​​2,000 square meters with more than 2,000 infrared roots. Image: Characters provided.

At the age of 24, the young man was not as seduced by the city life as many friends. The whole day Phu was stained with an old shirt and a hat clinging to the ground when wearing the first, sometimes turned into objects to catch toads, mangoes, vegetables … like a real “farmer farmer”.

“I am a poor child, so I had to quit school from grade 9 and stick with the land ever since,” he said. Nine years ago, Phu’s brother – the family’s economic supporter – died in a traffic accident. The needy family is now more and more troubled, Phu quit school to go to work, although her mother tries to discourage her. No degree, he went to peel jackfruit. 12 consecutive hours of work, paid 100,000 VND. When the salary returned, she gave it all to her adoptive mother, only keeping the money to buy new clothes only on Tet.

The 9th grade boy’s “startup career” begins with a job in an orchid gardening house. Every time you clean the garden, the owner pays with bad orchid pots. With the knowledge gained from that, he went online to learn more about breeding. Two years of growing and studying, the first orchid pots revived and bloomed beautifully. These seem to be thrown away orchids have become a significant source of income for the whole family. In some months, Phu earns 5-6 million. Interest is reinvested, buying new orchid varieties. At the age of 17, the income from growing orchids was stable, Phu decided to scale business, bought bamboo to make a 50 square meter scaffold in front of the porch, hung several hundred orchid pots, sold gradually, in the autumn of 9-10 million.

The starting point to become “the owner of the rose farm” comes to the young man quite by accident. In early 2017, the cousin asked to look after the 5,000 m2 garden near the house and gave the infrared tree Mon Coeur (a rose of Japanese origin). He brushed the flowers to move in the new garden. A few months later, chalky pink flowers with double petals, large flower size, and rich scent bloomed in him. Recalling the success of orchid gardens, the idea of ​​breeding roses for sale popped up in the mind. Thinking about it, Phu spent all the money she could buy some popular seedlings.

But this is also the first stumble of Tham Phu Floor. Trang Bom is a hot and dry climate, not favorable for flower growing. Although they have learned the techniques as well as how to take care of each different, many plants bring home small flowers with few petals, pale color and often get sick. The first batch of trees imported massively died, costing nearly 20 million – a lot of money for him at that time.

Losing money, this guy scoured flower play groups to learn the secret. On 40-degree sunny days, his face was burned, but Phu still “buried his feet” outside in the garden. Each petal is turned up every day to examine, assess the current situation and then “prescribe” appropriate. Many days when she came home when it was late, she did not bother to change clothes soaked with dirt, and Phu let herself go to bed for a while.

Seeing her son working hard, his mother, Mrs. Vu Thi Nga, 57 years old, advised to leave the garden and work as a worker in the city. “But he said failure then start over. Well, I am so passionate, mother should support,” she said.

Perseverance and knowledge paid off. After many months, the rosebushes are free of pests and dark, colored flowers as desired. Phu began to propagate. “Until the first stump blossomed, I burst into joy,” he recalls.

Incubated and propagated, he posted it online to sell. Beautiful blooming flowers and detailed instructions do not hide the profession, so the number of buyers increases. The rotating coin helps to increase the number of trees in the garden.

Tàng Hâm Phú every day went to the nursery, pulled the weeds, hoe the soil, and mingled with the life of flowers and plants.  Photo: Character provided.

Tàng Hâm Phú every day went to the nursery, pulled the weeds, hoe the soil, and mingled with the life of flowers and plants. Image: Characters provided.

There are many customers, not all work, so Phu hired more workers, but after a few days they asked for leave because of his hard work. For the past two years, he has taken care of more than 2,000 persimmon stumps alone, while packing and delivering trees to customers. During the period of infrared rose fever, Phu’s phone was always in hot condition, and the message was not answered promptly. Seedlings sold are not only limited to Dong Nai but also other provinces and cities have confidence.

Having a good business, after a year, Phu had enough money to buy a 2,000 square meter plot of land opposite his cousin’s garden and then moved all the trees there. When he first owned his own land at the age of 22, he ran around the garden, drawing in his mind where for roses, where to plant fruit trees. In the new garden, Phu also dug a pond to drop fish by himself and renovated it to plant some other flowers such as gerberas and pea pods. Alone diligently, in addition to roses, the garden also has all kinds of fruit trees and vegetables, like a homestay in the hills.

Mr. Mai Quang Truong, deputy secretary of the Youth Union of Hung Thinh commune affirmed that Phu is an example to overcome difficulties, doing well in not only the commune but also Dong Nai province. “The hard work of getting rich on a homeland like Phu is very precious,” he said.

Although she earns money, she is still frugal, everyday with an old garden coat and a dirt hat: “Those things make me feel comfortable and happy,” he said, not only do commissions bring income, but also bring a sense of peace every day.

In addition to growing persimmon, Ham Phu currently grows a number of other flowers for business purposes.  Photo: Character provided.

In addition to growing persimmon, Ham Phu currently grows a number of other flowers for business purposes. Image: Characters provided.

At the beginning of 2019, when the Covid-19 translation broke out, for several consecutive months, the business stalled, almost no revenue, but Phu was not too concerned. He said that since he was a child, his life was difficult, he witnessed many quarrels and family conflicts, so he can appreciate the peace at present.

The joy of this young man now goes out to the nursery every day, pulling weeds, hoeing soil, immersing himself in the life of flowers and plants … On the weekends, he welcomes his friends and relatives with home-grown dishes.

“I am living the beautiful life I want,” the 24-year-old said.

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