A 12-year mother carrying her child to school

HCMCOn a chair in the hallway, Ms. Nguyet, 37 years old, sat curled up, her eyes fixed on the door of her son’s classroom. It has been 12 years that she has carried her child to class and waited like that.

The October afternoon rain made the mother’s clothes soaked, but she did not seem to mind. Since her son Nguyen Tran Le Hac started in grade 1 and until now, when the child started the first year of FPT Aptech College, the couple took their children to class. Ms. Nguyet stayed at school until the end of the session to take care of her child.

Twenty-one years ago, Tran Thi Nguyet and her husband, in Binh Thanh, gave birth to a plump son. But the polio fever at six months of age caused the boy to lose the ability to walk, only his hands could move. She and her husband took their children to many places to treat, took all kinds of drugs but to no avail. From there, from eating, personal hygiene to traveling, the crane depends on the mother.

In contrast to his almost motionless body, Crane was eager to learn and was praised for his agility. With a five-year-old son, Hac’s parents took Hac to a school for children with disabilities at Thi Nghe Sponsor Center, Ho Chi Minh City. After finishing the fifth grade curriculum, the teacher said: “The kid is very smart, so he sent him to another school to study.” She and her husband moved their children to the Center for Sponsorship – Vocational Training and Job Creation in the city. Because there are no transcripts, Hac has to repeat elementary school.

Since then, she and her husband passed their children from home to District 7 to go to school. Crane sitting sandwiched between parents. Nguyet used one hand to pass through her armpit and put it on her husband’s shoulder. Her other hand hugged the baby’s stomach. Crane’s whole body collapsed on his mother’s chest. More than 5km from home to school, she dared not move because she was afraid of falling. Perhaps because of that, Ms. Nguyet suffered from spinal degeneration for many years.

“Sometimes when it suddenly rains heavily, the water overflows the exhaust pipe. Ba Hac has to swing his legs like a paddle. I have to get out of the car and keep my children from falling so that my husband is less tired,” she said. The whole family wore a raincoat, so the sister was wet like a mouse.

The bus stopped at the school gate, her hands carried her children, her backpack carrying drinking water and snacks for the crane. Having her child to settle down, she went to the bench or the hallway to wait. When it was time to go out to play, she came to pick up her child to go to the toilet, feed and drink water. In case of emergency, you text, I will run in.

Ms. Nguyet turned her eyes to the door of her child’s classroom so that when she was called for support, she would come in. Image: To Thuong.

“Our center has many disabled students, but not all parents are as persistent as Nguyet and her husband. Seeing her wandering when she is on a bench, sometimes in the hallway … waiting to take care of her child, The teachers and students all admire, “said Ms. Nguyen Hong Le, the 12th grade homeroom teacher of Hac.

21 years of having children means that many years she slept with children. She and her husband also do not intend to have more children because they want to wholeheartedly take care of the crane. At night, the mother’s sleep is fluttering, because she has to watch over her to help her child to reduce fatigue.

On Saigon Street, Nguyet is the most popular person from home to her child’s school and from home to market. Can not be far from her for an hour, so there were five mothers who had no friends and did not travel. Last year, her sister died suddenly, Nguyet only dared to return to her hometown one night to bring her funeral, the next morning she took the car back to Saigon.

“Sometimes, I feel sad when I see people have jobs, friends – things that everyone can normally think of. I want to go to work but know no one takes better care of the children than I do,” said the woman. 37 years old said.

Also because “fear of what the child is without me” but with uterine fibroids, Nguyet did not dare to operate. Her stomach grew as if she was six months pregnant, bleeding a lot, but she just went to the hospital to take medicine, and the next day she carried her baby to school.

“If my cheeks hurt, I will bite my teeth, but it hasn’t made me fall. I advise her to trust others to support me even though it might not be as good as her. But she doesn’t listen,” Hac said.

Once, Crane’s mother was in pain, fainted in the toilet without anyone knowing. When she regained consciousness, she crawled out to call for help. “The doctor said that my aunt’s illness was very serious, I begged to stay for surgery but she refused. The medical staff asked me to be silent, afraid to be hospitalized,” said Nga, 45 years old, Hac’s mother tell.

Every day, Ms. Nguyet wears a backpack to class, which holds water for her son.  In the past few years, she has had spinal degeneration so she cannot carry her child to the toilet.  She brought tools to take advantage of time to play, and everyone went out so she let her children urinate.  Photo: To Thuong.

Every day, Ms. Nguyet wears a backpack to class, which holds water for her son. In the past few years, she has had spinal degeneration so she cannot carry her child to the toilet. She brought tools to take advantage of time to play, and everyone went out so she let her children urinate. Image: To Thuong.

She scolded and coaxed her, and her mother, eldest sister and sister Nguyet had to go to Saigon to persuade them. The three people assigned to each other daily transportation, at school with Hac and market hammer, rice and water for her peace of mind. Ms. Nga also lied that the hospital had a new method, surgery a few days will heal, her new sister “swept down”. That night, Ms. Nguyet hugged her son and whispered: “If this time, how will you die?”, “If you die, then you will die. You will live with the mother.”, Heard Hac said, the mother tearing up. The next day, she decided to be hospitalized.

“One month, I helped me in the car and carried him to the hospital and I twisted my neck. Yet her mother had been more than ten years old, no wonder she fell ill”, Mrs. Nga choked.

When Mother was healthy, Crane fell ill, coughed and had severe phlegm. At the beginning of the 12th grade year, Ms. Nguyet had to ask the teacher to sit with her child in the classroom to take care of her because Hac was eager to study and refused to take time off. Once, he coughed and had difficulty breathing, so his mother had to call his father to go to the hospital urgently.

That time, Crane had to have surgery to install a pacemaker. Before entering the operating room, he held his mother’s hand and asked “What if the child dies?” His mother burst into tears: “If you die, you will follow me, but what does it mean to live?”

Nguyen Tran Le Hac and his mother on the graduation ceremony.  He has been a comprehensive student of the school for the past 12 years.  Photo: Character provided.

Nguyen Tran Le Hac and his mother on the graduation ceremony. He has been a comprehensive student of the school for the past 12 years. Image: Characters provided.

Weakness, but for 12 consecutive years, Hac is a good student, always at the top of his class. In addition, Hac knows how to play the piano, which is a “musical instrument” specializing in accompaniment for teachers and friends to perform.

Although eligible for university, due to health reasons, earlier this year, he entered FPT Aptech School, a college system, majoring in Programming. The intention of Ms. Nguyet’s mother and daughter is to end two years of college to continue studying at university. “I am weak so I have to take a detour. The 12 most difficult years have passed, now only a few years, it doesn’t make any sense,” she said.

The appearance of Crane and his mother at the new school touched and amazed teachers and friends. “I have never accepted a student with special circumstances like Hac. Hac’s academic performance is not excellent, but very good compared to many of you, although he sometimes only types with one hand,” said teacher Le Thanh Staff, lecturers of the school, commented.

Ms. To Thuong, an admissions officer, said: “Initially, many officials and students in the school thought that Nguyet was Hac’s sister or aunt. Knowing that she is the mother who has been with her children for more than ten years. Everyone admires “.

At the end of the first course, C language programming, Hac, achieved a perfect score of 100/100, surprising many teachers. “I know only I can change my fate and repay my parents’ merit, so I always try,” said the new student.

On October 20 every year, Crane or mother jigsaw puzzle with famous landmarks to donate. His wish is to study successfully and make up for it by taking his parents to travel many places.

“My children just hope to be healthy, die after children to accompany them. Just be with them, wherever they are, happy”, Ms. Nguyet said.

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