8 skills parents need to teach their children to avoid being kidnapped

The kidnapper does not always have a scary face, the perpetrator can sometimes be an acquaintance.

Here are some suggestions for parents when kidnap tricks are increasingly sophisticated and unpredictable.

Danger doesn’t always come from strangers

Children have a hard time distinguishing between strangers and people they can trust. In the movies, the kidnapper often appears with a scary appearance, but in real life he can be friendly and easy to get along with. Parents often tell their children not to interact with strangers, but many children are kidnapped by people they know.

List people you can trust

Make a list of people you can trust who can pick your child home from school and vice versa. It could be a relative, neighbour, or babysitter. Parents, remember to remind your children not to talk to strangers, except for those on this list. To be extra sure, it’s a good idea to create a secret password known only to the child, parent, and “trusted person”.

Creating a password known only to children, parents, and trusted people is a way to help children avoid encountering bad people. Photo: brightside.me

Run in the opposite direction of the chasing car

If someone is chasing after them, parents should teach their children how to run in the opposite direction. That way, the car will have to turn around and you have more time to escape.

Seek help from the police or a mother of young children

If your child is lost and there is no trusted person at that location, tell them to go to the police or other mothers with young children for help.

Signal yourself in danger

Children often scream and get angry when they are angry, so when in danger, just screaming, not sure other people know that the baby is in danger. Parents need to teach their children to scream for help such as: “She’s gone, I don’t know you” or “Parents, help me” when being taken away by bad guys.

Get attention with vandalism

If shouting doesn’t work, parents need to teach their children that they can damage things in the process of being dragged away by bad guys. For example, your child might smash everything on a shelf if the kidnapper is in a store or smash a car window with a rock.

Giving attention to others when kidnapped is also the way parents should teach their children.  Photo: brightside.me

Giving attention to others when kidnapped is also the way parents should teach their children. Photo: brightside.me

Teach your child to say “No”

Children need to be taught how to say “no” to an adult if it’s not a parent or someone on the trusted list. During the talk sessions, parents can create hypothetical scenarios of how children react when a stranger approaches, starts a conversation, gives candy or asks for help.

Find out who you talk to online

The fact that children often use games or chat online needs to be understood by parents. Let’s analyze so that children understand the dangers lurking in cyberspace to be more careful when communicating with strangers. It’s best to make sure the people you meet online are people you know in real life, not impersonations.

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