8 common lamp placement mistakes homeowners make

Many homeowners arrange the lights themselves without consulting a professional, so it is easy to make mistakes that make the lighting system less effective.

Arrange only one light system

Function rooms such as living room, kitchen, bedroom that arrange a light system are very inconvenient because sometimes there are different activities, need to use different light sources. For example, when receiving guests in the living room, you can turn on many light systems to be bright and formal, but when watching TV, listening to music, you can only turn on one light system.

Besides, when the lighting system fails, there is no replacement lamp.

Uneven arrangement of general lighting in large spaces

Uneven arrangement of lights in large spaces makes it difficult to use in dimly lit areas. It is not necessary to spread one type of light evenly throughout the room, but it is possible to arrange many lighting systems or groups of lights in different areas – especially areas where there are frequent activities and activities.

Choosing the right lamp for the function and design style of each space is an extremely important factor. Illustration: Ha Thanh

Lack of emphasis

In large living spaces, or with many people, or where formality is required, there should be accent lights such as chandeliers in the living room, pendant lights on the dining table, wall lights on both sides of the altar in the altar room. These lights not only have functional meaning for living but also create aesthetic accents, creating solemnity. If there is a lack of lighting accents, the space will be less aesthetic and much more dull.

Lighting arrangement does not pay attention to furniture

The position of the lights is closely related to the furniture to ensure both functionality and aesthetics. For example, the bedside lamp must be in the middle of the bed, the dining table lamp must be in the middle of the dining table… The arrangement of the waiting line and the installation of lights takes place during the construction phase, if not carefully calculated, it may not match. interior (which is installed after the construction process). The lights can be out of alignment with the furniture, or even entangled in the furniture, such as when the cabinet is entangled with the wall light, or the top of the cabinet covers the ceiling light.

Use a light color

Common lights come in two types: white light and yellow light. Each type of light has different properties. If only one type is used, the space is less aesthetic and monotonous. White light lamp for unreal and pale colors; and yellow light often causes darkening and a feeling of frustration in the hot season. It is necessary to combine both types of lighting together with the isolation of the lighting system. For example, downlights with yellow light, ceiling lights with white light.

Using lights with inappropriate light colors

Using lamps with light colors other than white and yellow, such as blue, red, purple… in the space of normal function rooms (living room, kitchen, bedroom) are not good, causing pain eyes and wrong color; If used for a long time can adversely affect vision, nervous system and general health. Lighting of these colors should only be used in karaoke rooms, entertainment rooms; and should not be abused during use.

Using the wrong type of light bulb

Each light in each space has different functions, needing different types of bulbs with corresponding features. Night lights that need to be adjusted with a potentiometer must use incandescent bulbs, if using compact or led bulbs, it is not suitable and the bulbs are easily damaged. Traffic lights are often turned on or off continuously, but using compact bulbs, the bulbs are also flammable. Pictures and pictures, if illuminated with white light, will give the wrong color.

Using the wrong type of light

There are many different types of indoor lighting. Lamps are also an interior component that directly affects the aesthetic of space. Using the wrong type of lamp can worsen the interior space. For example, a modern interior and furniture space using a classic chandelier is not suitable. Each space, each position such as ceiling, wall, needs lamps with corresponding designs, colors and materials.

Architect Nguyen Tran Duc Anh


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