8 body features reveal secrets about people

Based on body shape, people can guess some abilities or personality of themselves.

Face shape reveals a born leader

Face shape reveals career.

According to a 2011 study by the American Psychological Association, people with rectangular faces, wide foreheads, and strong jawline all reveal the temperament of an outstanding leader. In particular, companies led by people with this face are often more successful financially.

Eyes show personality traits

Eye shape and eyebrows reveal personality traits.

Eye shape and eyebrows reveal personality traits.

A study published in the journal Psychology Today 2017 shows that people with raised eyebrows, big eyes, often have a mild, pleasant personality. Besides, people with big lips and nose are extroverted.

Fingers indicate athletic ability

Finger length reveals athletic talent.

Finger length reveals athletic talent.

A 2017 study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), found that people whose index finger is shorter than their ring finger are more likely to exercise. This is because while in the womb, the fetus is exposed to a larger amount of testosterone. While people with low testosterone levels have better intelligence.

The position of the pants button reveals a talent for swimming or running

The way the buttons are buttoned and the navel reveals the striking sport.

The gap between the buttonhole and the navel reveals striking sport.

The position of the navel on the abdomen is an indication of where the body’s center of gravity lies. Accordingly, if the navel is close to the buttoning position, it means that you are a good swimmer. While the navel distance is higher, you have what it takes to be an athlete.

Hand structure reveals personality traits

Wide spread fingers can indicate that you are an independent person who loves adventure. According to the director of the American Academy of Hand Analysis, each finger is associated with different characteristics. Notably, the strongest finger – the one that rests the whole table on a flat surface, leaning towards any other finger – can reveal things that are important to you. Specifically:

The strongest finger can reveal about personality.

The strongest finger can reveal about personality.

The thumb shows the motivation to succeed.

The index finger represents power and authority.

The middle finger is a sign of responsibility, promise, and growth.

The ring finger shows creativity, showing self-importance.

The little finger represents communication.

Length of eyebrows

According to experts in anthropology, eyebrow shape can indicate confidence, assertiveness and a few other characteristics.

Eyebrows shape reveal a person's personality.

Eyebrows shape reveal a person’s personality.

Short eyebrows represent someone who doesn’t deal well with stress.

Long eyebrows show ingenuity in handling difficult and highly competitive situations

Thin eyebrows, often a symbol of a person who is cautious and prone to self-doubt.

Thick, bushy eyebrows represent dynamism, vivacity, and agility.

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