8 actions ‘throwing money out the window’ that you didn’t know

Buying cheap things, shopping on an empty stomach, indulging in discounts… are three of the eight common bad money habits that many people have.

Experts at NetVoucherCodes, Brother, Break down eight common bad money habits you might get. “Many people look for tricks to cut costs, but completely ignore the capital spending habits that really drain their finances,” the expert said.

Here are 8 bad money habits that experts say can be easily changed.

Buy cheap things

You tend to buy cheap things, but cheap things often go with quality and aesthetics. Very soon you will give up this item. Buying quality items will help you save more in the long run.

Shop when you’re hungry

Do not go shopping when hungry because you will lose consciousness, buying more than the actual needs of the family. Schedule your shopping trips when you are comfortable, have the time and should make a list of items to buy.

Shop when your stomach is full and have plenty of time, so it will help you stay awake and save money. Photo: Medium

Spend a lot on discount items

“It’s easy to be lured in by a sale sign. While it may seem like the sale saves you money, you’re more likely to spend it on something you don’t need,” the expert said.

You can still buy items on sale if you have noticed the product for a long time and just waited for the opportunity to decrease it to buy. But don’t buy on impulse and just because it’s on sale.

Spend first, save later

Many people do not pay attention to saving at the beginning, but often spend in a month, then how much is left to save. Let’s do the opposite, prioritize saving first. As soon as your salary comes in, transfer some of it to a savings account.

Buy branded goods

“Many products are only different in terms of packaging, but the quality and effectiveness are the same, but if it’s a branded product, you may have to spend 2-3 times more expensive,” consumer experts said. used to tell.

So sometimes finding a quality product, not the big brands, will save you money.

Buy coffee

Many people are spending money to buy coffee. This amount looks insignificant at first glance, but will increase rapidly when you drink it every day. Instead, make your coffee at home and take it out. You will be really surprised at how much money you save.

Food waste

Food should be cooked just right, every meal is finished. If you are still eating yesterday’s leftovers today and this happens often, then you are not planning your meals well.

To minimize it, spend some weekend planning your meals for the week.

Don’t set long-term financial goals

You need a reason trying to save money for what? Whether it’s buying a house, a car, traveling or saving for retirement.

The biggest difficulty when saving is the temptation. Many people save for a few months, but by the third month, they have spent all that they have accumulated. Setting a clear, long-term goal allows you to stay motivated to persevere.

Bao Nhien (According to Metro)


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