7 Vietnamese houses in the top 100 most beautiful projects in 2020

Archdaily is the world’s most visited architectural magazine with more than 13 million readers, 300 customer partners and offices in 5 different countries. Headquarters located in the city of Santiago, Chile.

All 7 Vietnamese houses in Archdaily’s list were listed VnExpress introduced in the past year.

The tube house 35 m deep is still full of sunshine and wind.

This work has also been magazine Habitus Living (Australia) selected as the most beautiful interior project in the Indo-Pacific region in the annual awards announced in early December.

Located on a busy street in Ha Dong district, the front of the house is designed with two layers with an outer shell made of brick to create holes and the inner layer is made of iron frame glass. Thanks to that, the building can block dust and noise while still being bright and ventilated.

Inside, the house is inspired by old houses in Hanoi. The space is sunny and windy thanks to four main gardens and 10 large tree beds.

See more pictures of the project here.


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