7 habits that bring happiness in old age

Your happiness is like a retirement account: the sooner you invest, the more profitable it will be.

In 1938, the researchers of Harvard Medical School conducted an 80-year study. Each year they will ask participants about their lifestyle, habits, work, relationships and happiness. As a result, looking at how people live, love and work in their 20s and 30s, can see what their life will be like in the next decade. And looking here, you can learn how to invest in your own happiness for your future.

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Specifically in the study, experts found that happy elderly people tend to accumulate resources and habits for the “happiness fund”. Some of us often have no control or control, such as a happy childhood, long-lived ancestors, no tradition of depression. But most habits and resources are within control, which according to Harvard data are the seven decisive actions below.

1. No smoking

If you already smoke, quit now. You may not be successful on your first try, but the sooner you quit, the better you can invest in your “happiness fund”.

2. Control drinking

Alcohol abuse is strongly correlated with smoking, which can cause many bad health conditions. Many studies also show that alcoholism is a strong predictor of diseases of old age. If you have any symptoms with alcohol, try to control it now. Quitting drinking can be difficult but you will never regret making this decision.

3. Stabilize your weight

Apply a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, moderate portions, and avoid unhealthy diets.

4. Exercise

Prioritize movement in everyday life. One of the time-tested best ways to exercise is to walk every day.

5. Practice coping mechanisms

Practice your coping mechanisms now. These are strategies that help us deal with stress or trauma to control negative emotions and keep our minds stable. The sooner you find healthy ways to deal with life’s inevitable difficulties, the more prepared you will be for the unfortunate mishaps that come in old age.

6. Never stop learning

Learning helps the brain work more, which will lead to lucidity in old age. This means a longer and happier life. You don’t need to go to college or take courses, you can simply read books with purpose.

7. Relationship Building

Try to cultivate stable, lasting relationships now. For most of us, it’s not just about nurturing our marriages, but also about our relationships with family, friends, and co-workers. Find the right person, someone you can trust and help each other grow.

The best way to maximize our chances of happiness at age 70 is to pursue all seven of these goals with enthusiasm. But if you can only choose one, choose the last action. According to Harvard research, the most important characteristic of happy seniors is healthy relationships. “The best foundation on which happiness can be built is good, warm relationships,” says Robert Waldinger, who now directs the study.

We all like the “happy ending”, especially in our life story. Start writing a happy ending for yourself today.

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