7 facts about children lazy to eat

Many parents are always afflicted because their children are lazy to eat, even when they see parents take food out, cry or run away. There are 7 reasons why children do not like to eat.

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The weaning diet is not reasonable

When a baby is 6 months old, many parents begin to offer solids. However, many people believe that the child is too young, unable to eat fibrous or hard foods, so pureed to feed the child. This will reduce your baby’s chances of practicing chewing and biting, so as the child gets older, parents will have difficulty adding foods with greater coarse content in later stages. Therefore, the baby is lazy to eat, does not want to try hard things to chew. The difficulty of chewing also causes them to lose their appetite.

Eat too many snacks, no time

Many mothers are afraid that their children are hungry, so they supplement their children with food regardless of the time. For example, a child has just eaten fruit for a while, the mother feeds yogurt again, causing the child to lose his stomach before meals. Ideally, one hour before meals, mothers should not feed their children.

Food is too monotonous

Many parents are too busy with work, so they do not have time to cook foods for their children every day for more variety. This monotony can make children bored, even stop eating. Therefore, parents should often change the taste of foods for children, to ensure their children are balanced with nutrition.

Improper flavoring

Children’s tastes are not like their parents. Many parents cook for children to realize that the dish is not delicious, so they taste cooking oil, fish sauce, salt, and MSG. Older children, parents may even add spicy to food, making the child unable to eat, gradually becoming afraid of adult dishes. Should adjust the taste suitable for children, so that they love the food, so that they can “enthusiastically” enjoy the mother cooked food.

Watching TV while eating

In order for their children to sit still without running while eating, many parents, from a young age, let their children watch TV and iPad while they sat down to eat. While they were busy watching, I would feed them. This is actually a very bad habit. When children have formed this habit, children will not be able to eat deliciously. Children should sit in a chair to eat, focus on using their senses to feel the food, so that they can have a scientific and nutritious meal.

Sedentary children

Children today, due to spending a lot of time studying, or due to limited living space, have less opportunity to participate in outdoor activities to be physically active. Therefore, less calories are consumed, making children feel less hungry. According to experts, every day should let children exercise about 60 minutes to be healthy and eat better.

Children in poor health

If your child has several health problems, there will be varying degrees of anorexia. For example, children with mouth ulcers, tonsillitis, pneumonia, or acute gastritis caused by herpes … need to be detected early to have appropriate treatment. After the symptoms improve, you should add the right vitamins to make the child healthier and gradually restore the appetite.

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