7 fabric items that are easy to get dirty and difficult to clean

During the epidemic, many people realize that there are frequently used items that are difficult to clean, easily stain and bacteria such as jeans, backpacks, bags, hats…

When clothes, bags, masks and some other fabrics are contaminated with bacteria, it is difficult for us to recognize with the naked eye. Currently, there is no clear study on the duration of the virus on the surface of the fabric. Therefore, regular cleaning and disinfection of these objects is necessary, especially during epidemics. Here are 7 fabrics that are used a lot but may not be disinfected properly.

Jeans are usually worn a few times before being washed. Photo: Shutterstock.

Backpacks and bags are essential items that we carry every day. Therefore, when placed in public places, they easily accumulate bacteria. Due to the special structure with many accessories, backpacks, bags are very difficult to wash. Not to mention many materials, if you do not know how to wash them, will cause backpacks and bags to reduce their service life.

Sunscreen is often worn outside of clothes, shielding the user when going out. Sunscreen is in direct contact with dirt, bacteria and even droplets. If you have to go out often, washing and drying sunscreen a lot is impossible.

Hats / hats worn every day are also easy to get dirty. On hot days, the hat is easy to get wet with sweat. This is a favorable environment for the production of many bacteria. However, after each use, many people hang their hats instead of carrying them to the toilet. The design of the hats also makes it difficult to clean and machine wash, so many people are afraid to clean them every day.

Normally, jeans make us feel dirty, less affected by sweat. Not only that, the regular washing of jeans causes the fabric to stretch. Therefore, many people have the habit of hanging up to continue wearing, not washing immediately after the first wear.

Pillows are difficult to clean every day.  Photo: Shutterstock.

Pillows are difficult to clean every day. Photo: Shutterstock.

In addition, users also feel that the shawl is less dirty, so it is not cleaned regularly. This accessory is also made of some materials such as wool, silk… that need to be taken care of.

Stuffed animals have a detailed surface and a structure containing many sponges, so cleaning teddy bears takes a long time. Not to mention the long drying time also creates conditions for bacteria and mold to multiply. Therefore, it is very difficult to clean stuffed animals every day.

Blankets and pillows come into contact with the human body every day and are also dusty items that are difficult to detect. Washing pillows and blankets takes a lot of water and effort, and the drying time is long, so it’s impossible to wash them every day.

To make cleaning these fabrics more convenient, LG launched the LG Styler smart clothes care cabinet combined with a washing machine and dryer. TrueSteam™ steam technology helps this product kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses on clothes and fabrics. When you hang or put things in the closet, press the cycle selector, the steam heated to 100 degrees Celsius will blow from top to bottom, penetrate each fabric and clean the clothes in about 20 minutes.

LG Styler has a design suitable for spaces.  Photo: LG.

LG Styler has a design suitable for spaces. Photo: LG.

The cabinet is also designed with a hanger system with horizontal movement to help shake off dirt, speeding up the process of steam penetrating clothes and fabrics. With wet items, LG Styler will dry clothes at a low temperature to help protect clothes and limit shrinkage. Currently, LG Styler launches two types of 3-hook and 5-hook cabinets suitable for many family spaces.

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