7 common mistakes when arranging lights in the house

The layout of the lighting system seems easy, so many homeowners design it themselves and thereby make mistakes that affect both the functionality and aesthetics of the house.

Arrange only one lighting system

Function rooms such as living room, kitchen, bedroom that arrange a lighting system are very inconvenient because sometimes there are different activities, need to use different light sources. Besides, when the lighting system fails, there is no replacement lamp.

Uneven lighting arrangement

You do not have to spread the same type of light throughout the room, but you can arrange multiple lighting systems in different areas.

Each space should have many lighting systems and evenly spread the lights. Photo: Ha Thanh

Unfavorable switch layout

The switch layout is not very convenient, very inconvenient for the process of turning on and off the light. For example, the light switch is behind the door or hidden behind the cabinet. Another common case is that just arranging the switch in the lobby causes the owner to turn on the lights in the lobby to go inside the room and then turn off. The solution in the second case is to use a reversing switch.

Use a light color

Common lights come in two types, white light and yellow light. If only one type is used, the home space will be less aesthetic and monotonous. The white light gives colors unreal and pale, while the yellow light often causes darkening and a sense of frustration in the hot season. Homeowners need to combine these two types of lighting together.

Using light of inappropriate colors

Using other light colors white and yellow, such as blue, red, purple… in the space of normal function rooms (living room, kitchen, bedroom) is not good, causing eye pain and discomfort. wrong color. Lighting of these colors should only be used in karaoke rooms, entertainment rooms.

Homeowners should combine yellow light with white light.  Photo: Ha Thanh

Homeowners should combine yellow light with white light. Photo: Ha Thanh

Using the wrong type of light bulb

The lights in each space have different functions, needing different types of bulbs with corresponding features. Night lights that need to be adjusted with a potentiometer must use incandescent bulbs, if using compact or led bulbs, it is not suitable and the bulbs are easily damaged. Traffic lights are constantly on and off, but using compact bulbs, the bulbs are also flammable. Pictures and pictures, if illuminated with white light, will give the wrong color.

Using the wrong type of light

Lamp is a component in the interior, so it is necessary to base on the interior style to choose the right lamp model. For example, a modern interior using a classic chandelier is not appropriate, and vice versa. Each space, each position such as ceiling, wall, table top uses different types of lights, sizes and colors must be selected to suit the interior space.

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