6th grade boy saves drowning friend’s life

HanoiFalling together in the temple well, Minh Duc struggled, clung to the shore, then pulled up a bamboo pole, pulling his friend who was slowly falling under the water.

Ha Cong Minh Duc said, on the afternoon of December 7, he and Nguyen Huu Bac, from Tay Tuu A Primary School, played in the yard of Hung Khanh pagoda, Tay Tuu ward, Bac Tu Liem district, about 600 meters from their house. The pagoda has a large well, more than 20 meters in diameter and about 2 meters deep. The two children went to the well to feed the fish when Bac slipped and fell. While struggling, Bac accidentally dragged Germany into the water.

“At that time, I was very scared, tried to kick hard and then reached for the shore. When I got out of the well, I pulled up a nearby bamboo pole and said, ‘Bac, do your best’. Seeing that Bac emerges, I tried my best to pull my friend in.” , Minh Duc, class 6A6, Tay Tuu Middle School recalls.

Bringing you ashore, Duc performed first aid and chest compressions. Seeing no reaction from you, the boy panicked and called the monk and shouted. People around ran over, helped Bac regain consciousness, warmed him up and took him to the medical station.

Duc stood in the courtyard of the temple, after taking his friend from the well to the shore on the afternoon of December 7. Photo: Ha Thai Duong

Ha Thai Duong, secretary of the Tay Tuu ward’s Youth Union, was one of those who ran to hear the cry for help. “Seeing Bac lying sprawled out, slowly fading, I quickly put it on my shoulder and ran for a while, until the boy cried loudly. Hearing the cry, I and everyone were at ease”, Mr. Duong said.

According to Mr. Duong, Bac is currently being treated at Hospital E for pneumonia but is stable.

Nearly two days later, Minh Duc’s obsession has not stopped. I doze off, or wake up startled and remember the scene I was struggling in the water. Can’t swim, but thanks to skills learned at school and watched online, Duc saved you.

“I feel relieved when you are still alive. If I left at that time, I would feel very guilty. When I was underwater, I thought I would die,” Duc shared.

After the incident, Duc learned not to play dangerous places without adult supervision. He also hopes that Bac will get well soon and go to school normally.

Duc is the youngest son in a family of three brothers. The boy is quick, intelligent and eloquent. After school, Duc often goes to the family’s flower field to help his parents.

Mr. Duong (right cover) came to encourage and reward Duc on December 7.  Photo: Ha Thai Duong

Mr. Duong (right cover) came to encourage and reward Duc on December 7. Photo: Ha Thai Duong

On the afternoon of December 7, Mr. Duong on behalf of the ward delegation visited and commended Duc’s actions. District Doan and Thanh Doan then also presented certificates of merit to Mr. Duong and brother Duc.

“After the incident, we will strengthen communication with people about the dangers of drowning and how to give first aid when someone is in trouble,” Duong said.



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