6 things to note when using a robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuum cleaner is an effective technology product in cleaning the floor, saving you considerable time and effort.

Statista’s report shows that 14.2 million US households had a robot vacuum cleaner in 2018 and this number is constantly increasing.

However, the price of a robot vacuum cleaner is not cheap, ranging from $200 to $1,000. Therefore, when investing a large sum of money, you will want your product to perform at its best.

Illustration: House Digest.

In order for the robot vacuum cleaner to work effectively throughout its life cycle, you should note the following when first using it.

Monitor the robot for the first few runs

Of course, after buying a robot, you just want to immediately charge it up and let it clean instead of having to follow supervision. However, according to a suggestion from technology site PCMag, you should monitor the robot for the first few runs. This allows you to easily spot any potential product problems.

In addition, monitoring the robot for the first few runs can also help you create an optimal operating schedule for the robot.

Take the time to study all the features

Each product of different brands has different features. Therefore, you should invest time researching them, then testing each feature one by one. Thanks to that, you know which features are right for your home space and vice versa.

Run the robot regularly to keep the battery healthy

Don’t just use the robot on occasion, use it often. According to Home Made, even though you think that using the device continuously will wear out the device, waste electricity… but in fact, using the device at low frequency will have a negative impact on the battery. Consider using the product daily, or at least several times per week to keep the robot operating at optimal levels.

Place the charging station on a flat, unobstructed floor

When in operation, the robot will move around the floor, but you still need to place the charging station in a fixed location. Where to place the charging station (charging dock, charging dock) is important. According to The Vacuums, you should try to find a location with a hard floor surface like tile or hardwood instead of carpet or foam padding. You should also avoid spots that are too sunny as they can affect the device’s sensor. The charging dock should be placed in a position where there are no obstacles within a radius of 60 cm.

Regularly clean the charging station

In addition to cleaning the robot, you also need to clean the charging station regularly for the robot’s battery to be effective, according to Trusty Joe. This step is important because of the way devices like robots charge not directly, but through small metal contacts at the charging station. Even a little bit of dirt has the potential to interfere with your device’s charging efficiency.

Pre-order to always have replacement parts when needed

Every part of the robot vacuum cleaner, e.g. brush, dust filter (paper) is subject to failure and needs to be replaced in order to maintain its daily functioning. Therefore, right from the moment you buy the robot, you should buy more replacement parts.

Thuy Linh (According to Housedigest)


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