6 things that cause stress in the bedroom

The bedroom is a resting space, but sometimes it is not as quiet as expected for six reasons.

The Mess

Even if you are a minimalist, you can still have messy things in your bedroom. According to Samantha Gambino, a clinical psychologist in New York, clutter makes people feel stressed, and when living in an untidy space, the brain is constantly reminded of stress.

To make your bedroom more organized, put unused items in the bathroom or storage room until you find a suitable place for them.


Pets help people to be happy and less lonely, especially in the context of a pandemic, but if you let them sleep in the same room, it will be difficult for you to sleep. Pets not only take up more room in the bed, but also move around and wake up easily in the middle of the night, disrupting your sleep.

Lauran Hahn, a stress and anxiety therapist in Orlando, Florida (USA), advises homeowners to spend time playing with their pets outside of the bedroom. You can lie on the sofa to hug and cuddle your pet and then say goodbye to them to go to sleep.

The other half

You can leave your pet outside the living room, but with a spouse, this is not possible. Unfortunately, the other person’s actions like tossing, snoring, dreaming, or accidentally tugging at the blanket can all cause you to lose sleep.

In this case, Brenda Scott, a placement expert in Ontario (Canada) suggests couples consider sleeping in a separate room or having two single beds in one room. You can also buy a large bed for more space or simply earplugs.

Dirty clothes

We often change our clothes in the bedroom, thus turning the bedroom into a place for both dirty clothes and clean clothes. This both makes the bedroom more cluttered and creates an additional mental burden because you always find yourself in need of cleaning.

Wanting to reduce this stress, Brenda Scott advises homeowners to wash their clothes as soon as they see the dirty laundry basket is full instead of scheduling washing on a fixed date. Besides, when you get clean clothes in, you should fold them immediately, not put them on the bed.

The bedroom is a place to rest, so it needs to be neatly arranged. Photo: Lisa Health Blog


Due to the pandemic, many people have to work from home and turn bedrooms into offices. If a bedroom with dual functions makes you feel restless, move the work area away or create a clear line between work and rest. “You should keep the desk away from the bed or add storage solutions to prevent clutter,” advises Stacy Lewis, interior designer from Irvine, California.

Electronic device

One stress-inducing habit in the bedroom is lying down and reading the news before bed. Not to mention, electronic devices such as televisions, phones, and laptops are easy to make you forget about bedtime because you want to finish watching a movie or finish reading a story chapter. The blue light from them also interferes with rest.

According to sleep consultant Ryan Fiorenzi, you can create the optimal bedroom environment by dimming the lights and turning off all unused electronics. “That way, your mind will have nothing left to focus on and fall asleep quicker,” says Fiorenzi.

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