6 things happen to the body when suddenly quitting coffee

Limiting coffee consumption has many health benefits, but stopping suddenly can cause unwanted symptoms.

Easy to get headaches

Headaches come on suddenly when you stop drinking coffee.

Enjoying a hot cup of coffee as soon as you wake up makes you awake, relieves headaches, because coffee helps narrow blood vessels in the brain.

But abruptly eliminating coffee from your diet can cause blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood flow to the brain. The body will respond to this change by causing persistent headaches and fatigue, until the brain adapts.

Stress, anxiety

It sounds contradictory, but quitting coffee can make you more stressed and anxious when your body is dependent on it. In this situation, you should try drinking a cup of sweet syrup or reduce the frequency of drinking coffee to let your body gradually adapt.

Affects the skin

The time the skin becomes dark, pours a lot of oil when not drinking coffee.

Acne-prone skin, pours a lot of oil when you stop drinking coffee.

Quitting coffee suddenly makes the body sweat, the heart beats faster and is not good for the skin. This is because they activate cortisol, the stress hormone, which affects skin pores and increases sebum. This can lead to clogged pores, blackheads and greasy looking skin, and even premature aging of the skin.

Teeth become sensitive

One of the most annoying symptoms of coffee withdrawal is nausea, poor digestion and tooth damage. Drinking a lot of coffee can make teeth yellow and discolored, but quitting coffee suddenly is also not good for oral health.

Vomiting can even cause dry mouth and tooth wear, making teeth sensitive and susceptible to tooth decay.

Visible dizziness, nausea

Users are easily dizzy and dizzy when suddenly cutting down on coffee.

Users are easily dizzy and dizzy when suddenly cutting down on coffee.

Deciding to give up coffee makes you more likely to experience symptoms of dizziness as your body needs time to adapt to the changes. To relieve symptoms, you should sit or try to lie down to feel more comfortable.

Most withdrawal symptoms of vertigo will last about 9 days, and it takes time for the body to adapt to the new changes.

Difficulty concentrating

Studies have shown that coffee can improve concentration before an exam or an important day at work because caffeine increases adrenaline levels, raises blood pressure and stimulates the brain.

Deciding to go coffee-free can initially make it difficult for you to concentrate. But after a while, they will return to their original orbit, when the coffee has not appeared.

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