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Just master these skills, your cooking will be upgraded, despite the fact that you are not too fond of the kitchen or good at cooking.

1. Always deodorize meats

These meats are combined with spices so that they can be processed into many dishes, from stewing, frying, stir-frying, frying, boiling… However, if you skip the most important step, there will be no dishes. really perfect. It is deodorizing of meats.

Before processing, remember to soak pork, beef, and lamb in baking soda for 30 minutes to completely remove odors and help soften the meat. Do not soak for too long as it will affect the taste of the meat.

This is a secret that professional chefs often apply, especially with beef. In addition to the above uses, it also helps beef when cooked to have a richer, more eye-catching color and taste.

2. Fish frying skill

Many people lose points on fried fish for breaking the fish.

In order to fry goldfish well and not crushed, it is necessary to learn how to create a non-stick layer for the pan. First heat the pan, put some cooking oil in the pan, heat it up, then pour this oil out. Next, add a little cold oil, heat it up and then fry the fish. In this way you will not be afraid of sticking to the pan anymore because there is a protective film.

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You can also use ginger root to rub on the surface of the pan before frying. Ginger will create a non-stick layer, and at the same time remove the fishy smell to make the fish more delicious. Fry one side until golden brown, then switch to the other side.

3. How to make green vegetables

If you want green vegetables, without water, stir-fry over high heat with lard. Lard helps vegetables not only fatter, more delicious, but also creates a coating that reduces the amount of water in vegetables secreted.

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At restaurants, people often blanch vegetables, then drop them in a bowl of ice cold water, stir-fry when eating, to keep the vegetables green and eye-catching. The timing of adding salt to vegetables is also very important. Must wait until the vegetables are cooked to add salt. If you give it too early, the vegetables will be watery, no longer shiny, not to mention lose their appetite.

4. Remove the fishy smell of fish

Many people are afraid of catfish, drifting fish, and carp because of the fishy smell. But the real reason for the fishy smell of fish is mainly because it has not been cleaned.

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It is recommended to use baking soda to clean fish, the reason in this powder is alkaline, helping to remove mucus on the surface of fish. Once the mucus is gone, the fishy smell will be gone.

5. Use alcohol when cooking

Many people think of alcohol first to deodorize meats and fish. However, not all ingredients can be used for alcohol.

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For example, when mixing minced meat to make a cake, absolutely do not add alcohol, because when the wine encounters high temperature, the alcohol will evaporate, making the cake have a strange taste.

6. Handling when the dish is salty

Soups can be easily handled when salty, as just add water. But stir-fried dishes, or stews, you can’t do that.

In case the sautéed vegetables are salty, add a little sugar to disperse the saltiness and balance the dish.

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If it is a stew, you can add potatoes or radishes, as these two are very good at absorbing salt.

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