6 signs of midlife crisis

When going through the midlife crisis, some people accept it, some take action to make their expectations come true, what to do to help them?

1. Reduced happiness and life satisfaction

Midlife crisis is like puberty crisis, it comes whether you like it or not. As they enter middle age, many people report that life satisfaction drops to its lowest point in life. Researchers say that in a person’s life, happiness is U-shaped, with a bottoming out a sign of a midlife crisis.

According to experts, a midlife crisis is a loss of confidence and feelings of anxiety or disappointment that can occur between the ages of 35 and 50. This is related to the perception of yourself getting older. , sex life declines, personal achievements are not equal to others of the same age…

2. Change behavior

Mental crises often manifest as changes in a person’s habits. The person may change their sleeping habits, start paying less attention to hygiene, or simply eat differently. Sometimes these changes are more sudden and obvious.

3. Feeling empty

One sign that someone is going through a difficult period of middle age is that they may think their life is lacking in interest and meaning. Thinking about approaching old age makes them see it as their last chance to do the fun or crazy thing that makes life memorable. For some, it can lead to rash and harmful actions or an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream.

4. Question age-old beliefs

Both men and women tend to reevaluate their life choices. A person who seems to be happily married can file for divorce. Or someone who enjoys life in a rural area might want to move to a big city and vice versa. If your loved one begins to change their values, be patient. It may just be a phase, with the help of a partner they will understand themselves better and lead a more conscious life.

Middle age is a time when people begin to question whether the career decisions they make in life are right or wrong, or they begin to compare themselves to other friends.

5. Intense feelings of nostalgia

People around the age of 40 who are considered to have had a stable life can also become nostalgic about the past. While going through a midlife crisis, the person may get stuck with the idea that the past was always better.

6. Constantly comparing yourself to others

Suddenly middle-aged people feel that everyone around them is happier, richer, have better careers… If you notice that a person is counting the number of times they are falling behind, it’s time. remind them of all the accomplishments they have achieved in life.

This crisis is different from depression. Positive emotions will improve over time, so be patient with your loved one.

Some things you can do to allow them to go through this phase:

Listen to your loved one without judgment, try to have a healthy conversation.

Give them time and space to deal with their feelings.

Pursue your own hobbies. When your partner is going through a crisis it can be frustrating. So now is the perfect time to focus more on yourself.

See a therapist with your partner going through a crisis.

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