6 reasons to consider when buying an air purifier

Users can choose to buy an air purifier for a clean living space, preferring the one with sterilization technology, humidification, durable filter, and quiet operation.

Thanh Lan’s house (Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh City) is right on the national highway, so it is always in a dusty state. Every day, she has to sweep many times, at night she has to clean. In the rainy season, many walls are still waterlogged. Even though I use the air conditioner, I always smell the musty smell. Since having a child, she has always been worried about dirt and mold affecting her baby, while her child has sensitive skin.

Next to the wall with F0 being treated at home, Ms. Ngoc Suong (District 8, Ho Chi Minh City) feels insecure. These days, her house has to close the door silently, turn on the air conditioner almost 24/7. However, her daughter is only 8 months old, lying in the air conditioner, she is afraid of affecting the respiratory tract. Her husband’s habit of smoking makes her worry about the health of the newborn baby.

To make the house cleaner and fresher, her friends advised her to buy more air purifiers. At first, Ms. Suong and Ms. Lan both thought that if the house had air conditioning, there was no need to buy an expensive air purifier. But when friends shared their experiences, they realized that: air purifiers with the main feature of air filtration should have higher filtration efficiency. The machine can remove a lot of harmful substances that many people are concerned about such as bacteria, viruses, dirt, mold… This device is useful for families with young children, the elderly, people with sinusitis. or seasonal allergies.

In the context of the epidemic, many people are interested in how to disinfect and keep their living space clean. Air purifiers are chosen by many people. Here are suggestions when buying an air purifier for users.

High efficiency air filter technology

Air purifiers on the market are often equipped with a multi-layer filter system to filter coarse dust and fine dust with a size of 2.5 micrometers, even 0.3 micrometers. However, viruses and bacteria are very small in size, so they need more advanced technologies, based on their biochemical characteristics.

Some models such as Daikin air purifiers are equipped with Streamer and Ion Plasma dual protection technology. The plasma discharge streamer decomposes up to 99.9% of mold and bacteria on the filter, while the Plasma Ion technology emits ions that neutralize harmful substances in the room. These harmful substances that have been captured by the Plasma Ion continue to be sucked into the machine, retained on the filter and decomposed by the Streamer. The mechanism of double protection technology makes the air purifier more efficient.

Streamer and Plasma Ion dual protection technology helps to filter the air cleaner, removing 99.9% of mold and bacteria (according to Japanese food research laboratory, Okayama University of Science in the period from 2004-2018 during the period from 2004 to 2018). ).

Long filter life

When using an air purifier, you need to change the filter when you see that the filter is covered with black dust to ensure the efficiency of air filtration. With the coarse filter, users only need to take the vacuum cleaner to handle it. The odor filter and fine dust filter cannot be cleaned but can only be replaced, so you need to pay attention to open the machine and check it regularly.

Instead of some models with filters used for about 2-3 years, many companies like Daikin also improve Hepa filters that can be used up to 10 years. Hepa electrostatic filters also have the advantage of less dust clogging than conventional Hepa filters, maintaining filter performance over time. Streamer technology also decomposes harmful substances on the filter, so the filter does not need to be replaced.

Humidify living space

In the house with young children, the respiratory system is still weak, you should choose a filter with a humidifying function. The technology both filters the air and balances the humidity in the room, helping to protect the skin, nose and throat from drying out. The device displays the humidity in the room and can select the humidification function according to 3 levels of low, standard, and high. The moisture emitted from the air purifier is cleaner thanks to the sterilization irradiation using Streamer technology.

Smart design

It is not necessary to choose bulky machines for high filtration efficiency. The purifiers with compact and smart design still have the optimal air filtration ability. This depends on the arrangement of the filters, air intake, and exhaust. For example, with a tower-shaped machine design, the filters are arranged vertically on top of each other, covering the machine’s cross-section, without any dirty air that has not passed through the filter. The dirty air inlet and the clean air outlet are far apart so they don’t mix.

To increase the efficiency of air filtration faster in the nooks and crannies, some manufacturers also design air purifiers with a three-way dust extraction mechanism. As a result, the machine can suck up harmful agents in large spaces.

The vertical arrangement of filters does not leave dirty air, improving the filtering capacity of the machine.

The vertical arrangement of filters does not leave dirty air, improving the filtering capacity of the machine.

Quiet operation

The filter works strongly but still quietly, making no noise, which is something many mothers with young children consider. Because noise can affect children’s sleep, users pay attention to this factor.

The cause of the noise is the sound of the wind coming from the mouth of the wind. With air purifiers with a tower design, the sound is lowered to a level that can be perceived by the human ear by using a larger air outlet and placing the fan below the filter to create a more effective effect. soundproof.

Prestigious brand

A well-known brand name is also a guarantee of quality. Large manufacturers often invest in modern technology and durable products. Japanese brands are often rated by many users as having high durability. For example, a brand originating from Japan, nearly 100 years old like Daikin is a name that many people target. In Vietnam, Daikin is one of the largest manufacturers of air conditioners, air purifiers… today.

Ngoc An (Photo: Daikin)


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