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After 6 months, the Dream Bathroom shares hundreds of secrets to refurbishing a third space for VnExpress readers.

The category “Dream bathroom” jointly organized by VnExpress and INAX (a brand specializing in bathroom equipment of LIXIL Japan) has successfully renovated bathrooms and toilets for 6 families. schools. In the six months of the organization, the organizers received many positive feedback from readers, adding a new perspective on the role of “the third space” in daily life.

500 letters from readers sent to the program

Open an account to receive readers’ shares about the family bathroom from June 15, the program received nearly 500 articles of photo sharing, wishing to renovate the “third space” more comfortable, cleaner to lift the members’ high quality of life. The articles have image quality, ensuring that the content is published in the column “Dream bathroom” on the electronic newspaper. VnExpress.

The bathroom of Phan Cam Tu’s family (Hanoi) after renovation. Image: Update rate.

Awarded 6 free bathroom renovation sessions

Based on practical criteria, meaning, feelings … every month, the organizers give a free bathroom renovation session.

Pham Thi Bich Thuan (Hanoi), a nurse at the Central Hospital for Tropical Diseases, is the first lucky reader. After that, 8 families in 28 Hang Ga, Hanoi received a refurbishment rate worth up to 100 million VND. In episode 3, INAX designed and remodeled a bathroom for Ms. Ngo Thi Un, 78 years old, Hai Phong.

In episode 4 of the program, the organizers chose to renovate the living area of ​​Mrs. Phan Cam Tu’s family (Hanoi) into a separate bathroom space. In addition to giving the renovation “third space” to households, in episode 5, the program team will renovate the toilet area for children with disabilities at Hoang Mai Special Education School, Ho Chi Minh City. This is like a community activity.

'Dream bathroom' of more than 109 children with disabilities

INAX Video renovating bathroom for children in HCMC.

Hoang Mai Special Education School is the learning environment for more than 100 children with disabilities in difficult circumstances. The wall family always tries its best conditions and tries its best to help children in learning and living. However, the school’s toilet area, which has been built for many years, is now degraded, not safe enough for children to use.

With the desire to help a young couple have a better married life, episode 6, the program of renovating the bathroom for the final couple. This is also the last episode of the “Dream bathroom” with the message, every family should take care of their home from small things, such as the bathroom.

Funding to renovate up to 1.1 billion, using hundreds of high-class sanitary equipment

Before handing over the bathroom renovation show, famous architects and the organizers will conduct a field survey. The repair process includes: exchanging details about the needs of homeowners, architects to design, dismantle, construct, and install equipment. Implementation cost is about 1.1 billion.

To renovate the bathroom, the architects went to INAX’s showroom at 46 Bich Cau, Hanoi and selected the furniture from the latest collection – S600. The products in this collection have a modern, luxurious design with a squared square, a stretch surface to help reflect light better …

Specifically, the AC-1052VN one-piece toilet is using Aqua Ceramic technology to prevent fouling. Overview of the device has a smooth design, rimless rim makes it easy for users to clean, does not cause water splashes, ensuring the space is always clean and comfortable.

The AC-1052VN toilet also has the most advanced powerful vortex flushing technology available today, including: The first door creates a powerful swirl to wipe out the bulb, the second door pushes the power to ensure completely wash away stains, minimize noise Noise for a relaxing experience to use.

The AL-652VFC washbasin has an elegant design and the porcelain exhaust cover is replaced by regular stainless steel, giving a more elegant feel. In addition to the smooth surface design, this device is also manufactured using Cerafine technology, which makes the rim thinner but still durable and brings a delicate beauty.

Toilets belong to the S600 collection.

Toilets belong to the S600 collection.

Renovated bathroom with different styles

INAX designs bathroom designs based on the intended use and aesthetics of the homeowner such as: Japanese style, green lifestyle, convenience with sanitary, smart, energy-saving equipment …

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