6 common mistakes when arranging food in the refrigerator

If you regularly leave foods in the fridge until they go bad, you may have made one of the following mistakes.

No area division

Stuffing everything you buy from the supermarket on a whim is the way people do it, but this will make us spend a lot of time searching later. Instead, assign specific regions to food groups. For example, milk and dairy products (butter, cheese, yogurt…) should be placed next to each other, or have one or two compartments just for vegetables.

Put the newest food on the outermost

As soon as you get home from grocery shopping, don’t rush to stuff the new stuff in the cupboard and push the old stuff deeper. Think of your fridge as a grocery store and put the food with the earliest expiration date first. This will greatly reduce waste.

Pile of food

If the refrigerator is a bit small for your family’s use, it may be a little difficult for you to arrange food in the refrigerator. To overcome the lack of space, you should consider which foods can be used early and do not need to be stored in the refrigerator, or buy several small shelves to put inside the cabinet to optimize space. Avoiding buying too many things at once is also something to keep in mind.

Food containers will help you divide and store food more neatly. Photo: The Spruce

Improperly storing leftovers

If you order food home and don’t finish it, don’t put the leftovers in a styrofoam container and store it in the cupboard. Please transfer them to glass or reusable plastic containers to avoid odors and better preserve food. Remember to keep the box in a visible place in the cabinet.

Store milk in the refrigerator door

The door is where the hottest part of the fridge is, so save it for foods that have been handled better and are less perishable, like jams, jellies, or sauces. Leaving milk in this position will make it easy to spoil, especially if you have a habit of buying a lot and keeping it for a long time.

Do not label the box

If you like to prepare food early to save cooking time, you should store it in separate boxes and label them clearly when you buy them or when you should use them. Especially when you store food without using transparent containers, this will help a lot.

Bao Chi (According to The Spruce)


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