6 characteristics of happy people

Waking up early, liking to plant trees, having a sister are traits that happy people possess.

There is no exact measure of a person’s happiness. But through experiments and surveys, many scientists have discovered that the little things from the lifestyle can be a sign of a happy person.

Or come late

People who were always going to work, school, or being late for appointments turned out to be happier and lived longer. They tend to be optimistic, comfortable with time management. In particular, those who come always remain calm and do not panic in stressful situations.

Wake up early

People who wake up early in the morning often have high happiness quotient. Recent studies show that people who stay up late are often less satisfied with life and more prone to mental illnesses than early risers.

Besides, in the body of early risers, it is easy to produce substances that prevent depression and chronic diseases.

People who like to get up early have a high happiness index and avoid psychological diseases. Illustration

I love gardening and growing flowers

Interestingly, florists and gardeners are the happiest group of all professions. While prestigious, high-paying jobs do not necessarily bring happiness.

For example, people working in recruitment, information technology or banking staff were rated as the least happy.

Has a sister/sister

Sisters tend to share openly with family members, which makes them better at expressing their feelings. The reason may be that girls are easier to talk about their feelings than boys. In addition, they can improve social skills and cultivate life skills for each other.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

One study revealed that people who increased their fruit and vegetable intake from 3, 4 to 8 servings per day were happier than before. The happiness they get is equivalent to finding a new job.

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