6.7 billion euros minus !: Lufthansa record loss due to Corona

Frankfurt – 2020 was a real horror year for Lufthansa: The pandemic brought the airline a minus of 6.7 billion euros – a negative record!

For comparison: In 2019, the former DAX company, which now has to be supported by the state, made 1.2 billion profit.

And 2021 will not go much better: CEO Carsten Spohr now expects that the flight volume will only reach 40 to 50 percent of the level from the pre-crisis year 2019. So far, he had thought up to 60 percent possible.

The turnover of the current MDax group collapsed in the first Corona year by 63 percent to 13.6 billion euros. Once again, there will be no dividend for the shareholders. In 2021, the loss should decrease – perhaps Lufthansa does not have to make full use of the state aid granted (9 billion euros).

BILD policy boss Merkel slows the vaccination pass debate

Source: BILD


Spohr: “We expect stronger demand again from the summer as soon as the restrictive travel restrictions are reduced due to the further spread of tests and vaccines.”


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