53 percent rejection: Survey: No higher energy prices for climate protection

Stuttgart – Most people in Baden-Württemberg are not prepared to pay higher energy prices for climate protection. In a survey on behalf of all daily newspapers in the southwest, 53 percent of those questioned rejected this. Only 26 percent were ready to do so.

The survey published by the Allensbach Institute for Demoskopie on Wednesday also showed that a clear majority (56 percent) are against a ban on internal combustion engines from 2030. Only one in four thinks this is a good idea.

Almost every second person in Baden-Württemberg is dissatisfied with the outcome of the federal election in September: 47 percent said they would have preferred a different result. 36 percent were satisfied.

Almost two thirds of the population (65 percent) said that the future government should pay particular attention to the security of pensions. There was more support for this concern than for rapidly advancing environmental and climate protection (55 percent). Many Baden-Württemberg residents (53 percent) expect major financial burdens for themselves and their families as a result of the political measures for more climate protection.

The so-called “BaWü-Check” of the daily newspapers is based on 1,020 representative online interviews with citizens in Baden-Württemberg over the age of 18. They were interviewed from October 28th to November 8th.


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