5 ways to wake up early

We can all fall prey to the snooze button, but those extra minutes of sleep really aren’t beneficial.

Here’s how to wake up and reap the maximum benefits of sleep:

Choose the type of alarm that makes you want to wake up

Loud, shrill alarms aren’t as effective as soothing sounds because you’ll be so disturbed that you’ll immediately turn off the alarm. Instead, choose bells that are chirping birds, or a favorite piece of music.

Take it a step further by setting a brain teaser alarm that asks you to perform a mental task to go off. For example, the iPhone has a function to turn off an alarm that asks you to solve a simple math problem. If math gives you a headache, use an app that asks to take a picture of something in the house before turning it off.

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Sunlight clock

Light signals our brains to wake up, so invest in a sunrise alarm clock. This clock will slowly light up the room for 15 to 30 minutes before the alarm goes off.

In addition, to be able to wake up early, you should get enough sleep before and the light of the bulb is also a factor to note. Use red, pink or incandescent night lights.

Awaken your sense of smell first

The smell may not wake you up as effectively as sound or light, but helps pull you out of bed when you wake up.

You can buy aromatherapy diffusers for the bedroom. Inhaling an essential oil can awaken the senses and energize. Some scents you can choose from include: mint, orange, lemon, grapefruit, clove…

Put the phone away from the bed

Dr. Lindsay Browning, psychologist, neuroscientist and sleep expert says that if you snooze your alarm again, it disrupts your sleep cycle, leaving you physically and mentally exhausted in the morning.

In order not to fall prey to the snooze button, keep your cell phone or alarm clock away from your bed, such as in the bathroom. With it off, you’re closer to the shower.

Spend money to be motivated to get up early

Waking up just to jog is difficult because the brain interprets it as “unnecessary”. Therefore, if you want to get up early, invest more money. Take a non-refundable workout class or book your breakfast with the condition that you’ll pay double if you don’t show up on time,…

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