5 tips for approaching wealth management wisely

Part of the French population is fortunate enough to be able to build up a heritage and / or inherit it. This private wealth represents nearly six times the GDP. But what is it for? To secure the future by protecting us and our loved ones from future risks. Objective number 1 is undoubtedly to protect oneself in anticipation of retirement and to cope with the lengthening of life and its health costs.

FOLDER. Investments: our advice to see more clearly and invest for the long term

On the psychological level, heritage must bring serenity. It should act as an anxiolytic. However, we are seeing more and more that it can become a source of stress and even conflict within families. Here are some recommendations that will allow you to approach your wealth life wisely:

  1. It is advisable to work with a good notary in order to translate your objectives by adapting the basic legal tools: marriage contract, beneficiary clause of life insurance, donation …
  2. You have to be in tune with yourself e

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