5 simple tips to help the Covid-19 room

Doctor Vu Ngoc Trung – Deputy Director of Hanoi National University Hospital said that the Covid-19 epidemic is under control, but we should not ignore it, the disease easily spreads in the community. Here are 5 tips to help prevent disease.

Wear a mask when going out

This is a simple but effective way to limit Covid-19 infection in a community, especially in a crowded, public place or when it is difficult to keep distance from those around us. For this reason, Covid-19 is mainly spread through inhalation droplets of an infected person to those in close contact. Therefore, the mask will act as a simple barrier to prevent germs when you talk, cough, or sneeze.

Keep some distance from everyone around you

Similar to wearing a mask, keeping some distance in a public place also helps you effectively limit the spread of Covid-19. At a distance of less than 2m, drops from an infected person can still spread germs to us when they get into our eyes or get on our clothes, hands … and wait for the opportunity to enter the body. Therefore, in parallel with properly wearing masks when going to public places, each person also needs to keep a minimum distance of 2m from strangers around.

Wearing a mask when in public will prevent you from infecting Covid-19 both yourself and those around you. Image: Hau Giang Pharmaceutical.

Maintain a regular hand washing routine

Hand washing is known as the simplest and most effective “homemade dose of vaccine” for preventing infectious diseases. Covid-19, in addition to being spread through the air by droplets, can be transmitted by direct contact with an infected person, or indirect contact with contaminated surfaces and objects. Therefore, maintaining the habit of frequent hand washing with clean products, especially after arriving in public, will help prevent infection better.

5 simple tips to help the Covid-19 room

Experts recommend: “Maintaining a habit of frequent hand washing will help you effectively prevent dangerous infectious diseases, including Covid-19.

The selection of standard and reputable hand sanitizer products also supports us to improve efficiency when washing hands to prevent disease. Experts advise that people should choose hand sanitizer products with high antibacterial ability, with ingredients that do not contain alcohol, parabens to not harm the skin of hands when used repeatedly.

Consumers choose the standard hand sanitizer to help bring the high antibacterial, gentle ability to not harm the hand skin.  Photo: Aiken Vietnam

Consumers choose the standard hand sanitizer to help bring high antibacterial, gentle to not harm the hand skin. Photo: Aiken Vietnam

Clean personal items properly

In parallel with proper hand washing, each person should not neglect the cleaning of personal items such as cell phones, watches, wallets … Because these are all items used continuously in days, especially in public places, there is also the possibility of spreading germs. Therefore, do not forget to clean and sanitize these items regularly with alcohol paper towels or specialized cleaning solutions.

Strictly adhere to quarantine measures upon returning from epidemic zones

In order to contribute to preventing the spread of Covid-19 in the community, while at the same time avoiding bringing risks, protecting the health of those around them, the self-discipline of strictly observing quarantine measures upon return from an epidemic zone or after close contact with an infected person is very important. This action shows the sense of prevention of each individual, joining hands in the epidemic prevention work of the whole society.

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