5 secrets men want in women

Many studies have found that men tend to believe in first impressions when meeting a woman and subconsciously, there are 5 characteristics that are considered very attractive.

Leave the face natural but should apply eyeliner, lipstick

Some men say they prefer women without makeup because they look natural. However, according to a survey conducted by the online dating website Zoosk in 2014, out of the profile pictures of 1,200 women, 139 women with eyeliner or lipstick received more dating messages from men than women. bare-faced girls.

However, women with heavy makeup often receive little attention. So, even if men say they like “natural” looking women, that means you should wear natural makeup, not no makeup at all.

Ideal waist-to-hip ratio

Women with small waists and wide hips are not only attractive, but also have good health and fertility. It seems that men have inherited this interest from ancient times because it is an important factor contributing to a perfect family.

Wear red

Red is the color of attraction and passion, so it’s not uncommon for men to be attracted to women who wear red.

In a study by psychologists at the University of Rochester, USA, men were shown a number of photos of women dressed in red or blue and asked how much money they would spend on a date. The results show that women wearing red are rated as sexy and attractive, and men are also willing to spend a lot of money on dates with these women.

Kind attitude

Research by the American Society for Personality and Social Psychology shows that a woman’s polite attitude will increase attractiveness in the eyes of men.

High-pitched voice

Studies show that women tend to prefer men with attractive deep voices. And conversely, men are attracted to women with high voices. Some people believe that the soprano is associated with reproductive health, femininity, and smaller body size.

Thuy Linh (According to Yourtango)


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